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As per requirement students can access all the lab facilities available in the department and in other departments like Electronics, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Centre of Nanotechnology etc. Facilities available here  help in preparing and characterizing materials (metals, electro ceramics, semiconductors, alloys and polymers) either in thin film or bulk form, for the measurement and analysis of electrical, magnetic and optical properties and charge carrier transport mechanism. Facilities also exist for analysis of hetero-junction solar cell systems, monolayer deposition of organic films, fabrication and characterization of planar optical waveguides. Radiation detection, it's applications and Imaging related Labs are also constant upgradation. We have sufficient computational facilities as well.
S.N Laboratory Faculty in Charge Address and Contact No.
1 Advanced Research in Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Laboratory Prof. M. Bag

East Block, First Floor, Department of Physics


2 Computational Facility Prof. P. Arumugam Computer Lab, Department of Physics
3 Divyadrishti Imaging Lab Prof. M. Goswami Room N. 111, Department of Physics
4 Energy Storage Laboratory Prof. Y.K. Sharma East Block, First Floor, Department of Physics
5 Ferroelectric Polymer and Devices Research Laboratory Prof. V. Mailk Room N. 105, Department of Physics
6 Functional Nano materials Research Laboratory Prof. D. Kaur

Room N. 115, Department of Physics

+91 1332 28 6680

7 High Power Laser Laboratory Prof. A. Mitra

Room N. 102, Department of Physics

+91 1332 28 6195

8 High Temperature Superconductor Lab Prof. G.D. Varma

Room N. 118, Department of Physics

+91 1332 28 6674

9 InPho Research Laboratory Prof. Rajesh Kumar

Room N. 117

+91 1332 28 6668


Integrated nanophotonics and bio material lab

Prof. S. Satapathi East Block, First Floor, Department of Physics
11 Photonics Laboratory Prof. V. Rastogi

Room. N. 103, Department of Physics

+91 1332 28 6673


Quantum Optics Lab

Prof. A. Wasan

Room. N. 108, Department of Physics

+91 1332 28 6680

13 Radiation detectors and spectroscopy Prof. A. K. Gourishetty

Room N. 107, Department of Physics

+91 1332 28 6686/6683

14 Smart Materials Research Laboratory Prof. K.L. Yadav

Room N. 114, Department of Physics

+91 1332 28 6679

15 Solar photovoltaic lab    
16 Space Physics Laboratory Prof. Sumanta Sarkhel

East Block, First Floor, Department of Physics

+91 1332 286634


There is also a centralized facility IIC(Institute Instrumentation Centre) for research and teaching and it provide facilities like --Scanning and Tunneling-Electron Microscopes, X-ray Diffractometer, Vibration Sample Magnetometer, Mossbauer Spectrometer, Atomic absorption/emission Spectrometer, Thermal Analysis System, Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer, Electron Probe Microanalyser, Gas Chromatograph, Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Liquid Scintillation System and a high power Excimer Laser.