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Sponsored Research

Completed Sponsored Research Projects

Name of the Project Principal Investigator Sponsoring Agency Outlay (Rs. In lakhs)
Nuclear Structure of Some Rare Nuclear Phenomena A.K. Jain DST 14
Magnetic rotation in A=80 mass region A.K. Jain NSC 2.32
Development of HTSC Coated Conductors over Metallic Substrates Via novel and cost effective deposition Techniques  Davinder Kaur CSIR 14.68
Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of Ellipsoidal Fluids and Nemetic Liquid Crystals G.S. Singh DST 11.558
Studies on Positronium and Atom Scattering Hasi Ray DST 9
Study of Strongly Correlated Electronic System using Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation Technique and Variational Technique Ishwar Singh DST 11.02
Ionospheric Response to The Tropospheric Disturbances Jagdish Rai ISRO 4.25
Spin effects in the excitation and ionization processes Rajesh Srivastava CSIR 9
Some Aspects of Electron Impact Ionization of Atoms, Dynamics and e-e correlation’s Rajesh Srivastava DST 7.59
Study of Angular Distribution and Spin Polarisation Photon/Electron Induced Auger Electrons Rajesh Srivastava DAE 4.67
Fermi Surface, optical & Magneto-optical properties of Rare Earch Components S. Auluck DST 16
Optical Magneto- Optical properties fermi surface of rare- earth compounds  S. Auluck DST 15.98
Surface Tailoring and Contact Angle Measurement for Joining of Dissimilar Materials S.K. Barthwal AICTE 5
Modelling of Some Important Atomic Oxygen Airglow Emissions Vir Singh ISRO 3

Ongoing Research Projects

Name of the Project P.I./Coordinator Sponsoring Agency Outlay (Rs. In lakhs)
Improved decay data for tuning and testing of nuclear structure models. A.K. Jain I A E A, Vienna USD 20,000
String/M-theory duals in the presence of fluxes Aalok Misra BRNS (DAE) 7.96
Preparation of Super hard nanocomposite Coating of transition metal nitrides Davinder Kaur DRDO 9.97
Functional Nanocomposites:  Davinder Kaur DST 94.15
Synthesis, Characterization & Applications      
Investigations on Hg-band cuprate and MgB2 Superconductors G.D. Varma CSIR 7.71
Synthesis of nano-ceramics by Sol-gel/Hydrothermal method for IR-Devices K.L. Yadav DST 6.44
Structural and electronic properties of transition metal nanowires T. Nautiyal DST 18.75
Indo-French Networking project on Specially optical Fibers and Fiber based components for Optical communication Vipul Rastogi DST 6.4
UKIERI major grant on Application specific microstructured optical fibres Vipul Rastogi British Council 9.7