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B Tech Engg Physics students IIT Roorkee exhibiting their activities in the Lab
A. K. Jain Retired Faculty ajainfph[at] 91-01332-285753
Areas of Interest
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Nuclear Physics, Theoretical Physics, Science and Spiritual Quest, Science and Spiritual Quest
Professional Background
Jan 2011April 2014Head of the Physics DepartmentIIT Roorkee
20132015Professor (HAG)IIT Roorkee
20012013ProfessorIIT Roorkee
19962001Associate ProfessorIIT Roorkee
19941996ReaderIIT Roorkee
June 1989Aug 1989Research AssociateFlorida State University
June 1997Aug 1997Visiting ScientistMcMaster University
19791992LecturerUniv. of Roorkee
May 2004June 2004Visiting ProfessorMcMaster University
19921994Senior LecturerUniv. of Roorkee
June 1989Aug 1989Research AssociateFlorida State University
Sept 2005June 2006Invited Visiting ProfessorKuwait University
July 1986Aug 1986Visiting ScientistBrookhaven National Lab
19871988Research AssociateFlorida State University
July 2005Aug 2005Visiting ProfessorYangon University
June 2007June 2007Visiting ProfessorIST, Lisbon
June 2008June 2008Visiting ScientistBrookhaven National Lab
Honors and Awards
Star Performer in Teaching and ResearchI.I.T. Roorkee2004
Outstanding Service AwardIndian Nuclear Society (DAE)2013
Acharya Sumati Sagar Smriti AwardGyan Sagar Science Foundation2009
Chairman, Planning Committee on SERC Schools in Nucl PhysD.S.T. (Govt. of India)2010
Member, International Network of Nucl Data EvaluatorsI.A.E.A., Vienna2005
Mentor Inspire ProgramD.S.T. (Govt. of India)2010
Member, International Working Group of Phys & Astronomy, SSQ ProjectUniv of California, Berkeley, USA2000
Member, PAC-DST(High Energy, Plasma,..)D.S.T. (Govt. of India)2004
Educational Details
B.Sc. (Hons)PhysicsBanaras Hindu University1970
M.Sc.PhysicsBanaras Hindu University1972
Ph.D.PhysicsBanaras Hindu University1977
Administrative Background
Jan 2011April 2014Head of the Physics DepartmentIIT Roorkee
20102015Convener, Institute Lecture SeriesIIT Roorkee
20102015Chairman, Standing Committee on Radiological MaterialsIIT Roorkee
20092015Member, Group Purchase CommitteeIIT Roorkee
20022011Member, Educational Planning and Research CommitteeIIT Roorkee
20082011Chairman, Department Research CommitteeIIT Roorkee
20052008Chairman, Department Purchase CommitteeIIT Roorkee
20082010Member, Institute Library Advisory CommitteeIIT Roorkee
20062009Member, Institute Lecture SeriesIIT Roorkee
20022006Member, Strategic Planning GroupIIT Roorkee
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Improved Nuclear Structure and Decay Data for nuclear modelsD.A.E. (Govt. of India)2011
Nuclear Structure Studies of Multi-quasiparticle states and nuclear isomersD.S.T. (Govt. of India)2010
Indian National Gamma ArrayD.S.T. (Govt. of India)2005
Improved Decay Data for tuning and testing nuclear modelsI.A.E.A., Vienna2003
Semi-classical Methods in Nuclear PhysicsD.A.E. (Govt. of India)1999
Nuclear Structure of Some Rare Nuclear PhenomenaD.S.T. (Govt. of India)2000
Multifaceted Study of the Deformed NucleiD.S.T. (Govt. of India)1996
Study of One and Many-quasi-particle statesD.A.E. (Govt. of India)1990
Study of Complex Band Spectra in Deformed NucleiD.A.E. (Govt. of India)1986
  • Indian Science Congress, Life Member
  • Indian Physics Association, Life Member
  • Indian Association of Physics Teachers, Life Member
  • International Forum for India's Heritage, Founding Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Physics for EngineersPh-101U.G.Autumn
Nuclear PhysicsPh-786P.G.(including Pre Phd Course)Autumn
DAE Golden Jubilee LectureInstitute of Physics, BhubaneswarI2004
Semiclassical Approaches to Phenomena in NucleiTata Institute of Fundamental Research, MumbaiI2009
Six Lectures on Basic Properties of NucleiSERC School on Nuclear Physics, IUAC, New DelhiT2008
Six Lectures on Symmetries and Nuclear SpectraSERC School on Nuclear Physics, IUAC, New DelhiT2008
Recent Trends in Nuclear Structure TheoryPanjab Univ, ChandigarhI2008
High Spin Features of 3QP BandsInstitut Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, PortugalI2007
Semiclassical Route to Shell ModelH.P. Univ, Shimla, IndiaI2005
ENSDF-Purpose, Philosohpy and UsageBhabha Atomic Research Centre, MumbaiI2005
Magnetic Phenomena in NucleiInstitute of Physics, BhubaneswarI2004
Six lectures on Shell Structure, Cranking and Magnetic Phenomena in NucleiIndian Inst of Technology, MumbaiT2004
Scientific Content in the Exploration of the Spiritual World in the Jain TraditionsNational Institute of Scientific Studies, BangaloreI2003
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
SERC School on Modern Trends in Nuclear StructureD.S.T., Govt. of India6-24Feb12
National Conference on Advances in PhysicsIIT Roorkee25-26Feb12
Golden Jubilee Alumni Meet & Mini WorkshopIIT Roorkee31March12
International Conf on Recent Trends in Nuclear PhysicsChitkara University, Solan19-21Nov12
Interaction meeting on Theoretical Nuclear PhysicsD.S.T., Govt. of India03-09-2010
Planning Committee meeting on SERC Schools in Nuclear PhysicsDST17-03-2011
School cum Workshop on Nuclear Yrast and Near-Yrast SpectroscopyUGC-CSR, Kolkata26-10-2009
Orientation Program on Exotic Decays and Shell ModelD.A.E.-B.R.N.S.21-12-2008
DAE Symposium on Nuclear PhysicsDAE-BRNS22-12-2008
National Workshop on Nuclear Structure and DynamicsNuclear Science Centre,Delhi21-08-1999
Second National Workshop on Nuclear Structure PhysicsIUC-DAE, Kolkata07-02-1995
National International Collaboration
High Spin PhysicsT.I.F.R., MumbaiPh.D
Indian National Gamma ArrayNuclear Science Center, New DelhiResearch P
Nuclear Data EvaluationMcMaster University, CanadaResearch P
Nuclear Structure PhysicsG.N.D.University, AmritsarPh.D