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Ajay Associate Professor ajphyfpt[at] 09758328484
Areas of Interest
  • Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Correlated Low dimensional System: Electronic , Magnetc and Transport properties
  • Tunable Josephson Transport, Electronic Properties of Superconductors-Quantum dots Nanoscopic junction
  • Electronic Transport in Layered Graphne nanostructures
  • Theoretical Aspects of High Temperature Superconductivity, Superconducting properties of Cuprates & Iron based Systems
Professional Background
Aug.2015till dateAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
2012Aug. 2015Associate Professor PhysicsDepartment of Applied Sciences & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
20082012Assistant Professor PhysicsDepartment of Applied Sciences& Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
19982008Assistant Professor PhysicsPhysics Department, G B Pant University
19961998Project ScientistNational Physical Laboratory New Delhi
Honors and Awards
Young Scientist AwardUttaranch Council of Science and Technology2006
Best Research Presentation AwardNational Symposium on Nanosience and Technology2009
Bursery merit ScholarshipMeerut University1990
Resource PersonINSPIRE Programme of DST Govt. of India2011
ReviewerCurrent science, Indian Academy of sciences(IAS) Bangalore, India2012
Educational Details
Postdoc(Project Scientist: DST Project under Prof. S.K.Joshi, Ex. DG CSIR)Transport behaviour of strongly correlated electronic systemsTheory Group ,National Physical Laboratory New Delhi1996-1998
Ph.D.Study of Superconductivity in Narrow band systemsG.B.Pant University Pantnagar1995
M.Sc.PhysicsMeerut University1990
B.Sc.Physics Chemistry and MathematicsMeerut University1988
Administrative Background
2016Till dateOfficer Incharge : Administration & MaintenancePhysics Department, IIT Roorkee
2016till dateMember Departmental Research CommitteePhysics Department, IIT Roorkee
20092013Professor incharge Games and SportsIIT Roorkee Saharanpur campus
20132015Professor In-charge Electrical maintenanceIIT Roorkee, Saharanpur Campus
20142015Member of Institute Technical CommitteeIIT Roorkee
20132015Professor Incharge SecurityIIT Roorkee Saharanpur campus
2011 &2014..Faculty Advisor, Tarang-2011, & Raphsody 2014: a social Cultural programmeIIT Roorkee, Saharanpur Campus
20012004Assistant WardenChitranjan Bhawan I G. B. Pant University
20032004Staff CouncellorBasic Science and Humanity Society G. B. Pant University
20052006SecretaryBoard of faculty of Basic Sciences G. B. Pant University
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
“Transport Behaviour of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems”DST New Delhi1998
“Spectral properties of underoped cuprates” DST2005
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
MechanicsPHN001B.Tech. Civil EnggAutumn
Physics of NanosystemsIPH604M.Sc. PhysicsSpring
OpticsPH-201MInteg M.Tech PSTAutumn
Many Body TechniquesPre Ph.D CPh.DSpring
Superconducting Materials & DevicesIPH-05Ph.D.Autumn
Electricity & MagnetismPh-202MInteg M.Tech.PSTAutumn
Advanced Quantum PhysicsPH-786Pre-Ph.D. CourseSpring
Properties of Matter & AcousticsPHN-305Integ. M.Sc. PhysicsAutumn
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Electronic Spectrum of Mono and bilayer Graphene Nano-structuresVeer Pal
Spin-fluctuations as possible mechanism for high Temperature SuperconductivitySachin
Influence of pseudo gap and Interlayer coupling on Isotope effect in layered cuprate superconductorHarendra kr. Bohra
Interplay of single particle and Josephson Cooper pair tunneling on spectral properties of layered cPooja Ahalawat
Study of role of pair transfer processes on isotope effect in superconducting TTF[Ni(dmit)2]2 systeManju Pant
Role of interlayer coupling on the isotope effect in layered high temperature cuprate superconductoAmarjeet Singh
Study of superconductivity in infinite U- extended Hubbard model: Application to high Tc cuprites Kuldeep Kholiya
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Study of Spectral properties of Iron Based SuperconductorsLuxmi RaniA2011
Study of Josephson Transport in Superconducting Quantum Dots nao junctionsRajendra KumarA2010
Interplay of Magnetsim, psuedogap and Superconductivity in Iron based Systems Madhavi AhalawatO2013
Study of Electronic Structure and Transport Behaviour of Nanoscopic layered GrapheneSanjay KumarA1
Tunable Josephson Transport in Superconducting multiple coupled Quantum Dots junctionTanuj ChamoliO2016
Study of the spectral properties of layered high Tc cuprate superconductorsPradeep Kumar PathakA1
Influence of third dimension on the spectral and transport brhaviour of bilayer high Tc cuprateBhagya Sindhu TewariA1
Transport behavior of Nanoscopic superconducting quantum dot JunctionArchana DhyaniA1
Electronic Properties of Correlated Multilayer Graphene:A Tight Binding Approach,International conference on Nanotechnology(Nanotech. Dubai) ,T2013
Spectral Properties of Correlated Trilayer GrapheneInternational conference on Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics , held at Berlin, GermanyT2013
Superconductivity in Iron based materials: Propspects and PromisesRecent Trends in Materials Science and Nano- Structures , organized by UCOST- Uttarakhand and held aI2012
Influence of Intra cell Coupling and Inter cell Resonant tunneling on the Electronic spectra of Bilayer High Tc CupratesInternational Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism(ICSM-2010) ,Organised by Ankara UniversiT2010
Electronic Structure and Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Superconducting- Quantum dot Junction:National Level Symposium on Nanoscale Science &Technology to be held at M.S. Collage-SaharanpurI2009
Emerging trends in Nano-science and Nanotechnology,Uttaranchal State Science Congress sponsored by UCOST and held at Kumaon University at Nainital T2007
Temperature dependence of anisotropy in the supercurrent density in layered cuprate superconductorsInternational Conference on Condensed Matter Physics (ICCMP-2007) held at University of Rajasthan,T2007
Pseudogap in the electronic spectra of doped high Tc cuprate in normal stateInternational Conference on Condensed Matter Physics (ICCMP-2007) held at University of Rajasthan,T2007
Peak-dip hump line shape in the electronic spectra of bilayer high temperature cuprate superconductorsUttaranchal State Science Congress, Dehradun, IndiaT2006
Role of interband pair transfer processes on isotopic effect in Superconducting TTF [Ni(dmit)2]2 System, Uttaranchal State Science Congress, Dehradun, IndiaT2006
Electron correlation effects on the out of plane conduction in cupratesNational Conference on RDDM, held at Department of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigarh (India)T2001
Intra and Interlayer Pairings in High-Tc Cuprate SystemsInternational Seminar on CDDM, held at University of Kurukshetra(India) T1996
Study of Superconductivity in Narrow Band Systems Including Excitonic correlation,(Ph.D. Thesis oral Presentation)DAE, Solid State Physics Symposium held at IACS Calcutta (India) T1995
Participation in short term courses
Couse NameSponsored ByDate
International Summer School on “New Physics due to Spin Orbit Coupling in Correlated electronsUniversity of Paris- at IESC- Cargese,France4- 15Aug15
presented a research paper in Innovations in the Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems: School organized by The Abdus Salam Internationa Centre for Theoretical Physics(ICTP) Trieste- Italy-2012 6-17Aug.
delivered Lectures in Short Term Course “ Nanotechnology: Opportunity &Challenges”held at National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research(NITTTR), Chandigarh-May201017- 21 May
International Workshop on “The Physics of Mesoscopic and Disordered Materials” MESODIS Physics Department, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)-Kanpur20064-8 Dec.
XI Training Course in the “Physics of Strongly correlated electronic systems” International Institute of Advanced Scientific Studies (IIASS-Italy 20062-13 Oct
All India Refresher Course in Theoretical Physics,Sponsored by Indian Academy of Sciences(IAS), Bangalore,University of Hyderabad200118-30Nov.
Workshop on “Correlations in Quantum Systems”organised by Centre for Theoretical Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur,199813-16 Oct.
Winter School on “Computational Condensed Matter Physics” (SERC), Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, at HPU-shimla-199530Oct18Nov
Refereed Journal Papers

List of Research Publications in Refereed International Journals (Dr. Ajay):

1.         Ajay,  with  S.Patra and R.S.Tripathi,

Effect of an interband interaction on narrow band superconductivity;

Physical Review B51, 12658 (1995)

2.         Ajay, with S.Patra and R.S.Tripathi,

Effect of interlayer coupling on Neel Temperature in Copper oxide based antiferromagnets; Physica Status Solidi (b)188, 787 (1995)

3.         Ajay, with Amit Pratap, and R.S.Tripathi,

Magnetic properties of quasi-2D antiferromagnet:

Physica Status Solidi(b)197, 453 (1996)

4.         Ajay, with Amit Pratap, and R.S.Tripathi,

Effect of interlayer interactions in high-Tc cuprate supercoductors;

Journal of Superconductivity, 9, 595 (1996)

5.         Ajay , with R.S.Tripathi,

Role of interlayer interactions on Transition Temperature in high -Tc cuprates;

Physica C (Superconductivity), 274, 73(1997)

6.         Ajay, with R. Lal,  R.L.Hota and S.K.Joshi,

Model for c-axis resistivity of cuprate Superconductors;

Physical Review B57, 6126 (1998)

7.         Ajay, with Amit Pratap, and R.S.Tripathi

Spin wave contribution to Thermal Expansion in high Tc cuprate Superconductors;

Physica C (Superconductivity), 294, 270 (1998)

8.         Ajay,

Role of interlayer coupling in the Superconducting state of layered cuprate superconductors;

Physica C (Superconductivity) 361, 267 (1999).

9.         Ajay, with  R. Lal and S.K.Joshi,

Study of doping dependent shift in the Chemical Potential of high Tc Cuprates by t-t’- J Model; Physica C, (Superconductivity) 325, 210 (1999)

10.       Ajay, with Govind, Amit Pratap, and R.S.Tripathi,

Thermodynamic properties of bilayer cuprate superconductors;

Physica C, (Superconductivity) 322, 42 (1999)

11.       Ajay, with Govind, Amit Pratap and R.S.Tripathi,

Specific Heat of Bilayered Cuprate Superconductors;

Solid State Physics 42 (1999)

12.       Ajay, with Govind, Amit Pratap, and R.S.Tripathi,

Bilayer-exchange couplings and Neel Temperature of YBaCuO;

Pramana J. Physics 54, 423 (2000)

13.       Ajay, with Govind, and R.S.Tripathi,

Superconducting properties of bilayer cuprates: Role of CuO chains,

Physica C, 334, 215 (2000)

14.       Ajay, with Amit Pratap, Govind and S.K.Joshi,

Temperature dependence of the magnetisation and optical magnon gap in bilayer cuprate antiferromagnets;

Physica C (Superconductivity) 353, 296 (2001)

15.       Ajay, with Govind, and S.K.Joshi,

Interplay of single particle and Copper pair tunnelings on the superconducting state of bilayered high- Tc cuprates;

Physica-C (Superconductivity) 353, 289 (2001)

16.       Ajay, with M.Sharma, Govind, Amit Pratap,  and R.S.Tripathi,

Role of dipole-dipole interaction on the magnetic dynamics of anisotropic layered cuprate antiferromagnets;

Physica Status Solidi(b), 226 (2001)

17.       Ajay, with Govind, Amit Pratapand R.S.Tripathi,

Magnetic properties of undoped YBaCuO cuprate systems;

European Physical Journal B23, 153 (2001)

18.       Ajay, Amit Pratap and S.K.Joshi,

Role of Cu d-d inter-orbital electron correlations on the out- of- plane conduction in high Tc cuprates:

Physica C (Superconductivity), 371, 139 (2002)

19.       Ajay, with Govindand S.K.Joshi,

 Condensation energy of bilayered cuprate superconductors ;

 Pramana, J. of Phys. 58, 861(2002)

20.       Ajay, with M.P.SinghGovind, and B.R.K.Gupta,

Role of bilayer-chains coupling on the supercurrent density in layered cuprate superconductors; Solid State Phys.45, 397(2002)

21.       Ajay, with  M.P.Singh,  and B.R.K.Gupta,

Temperature Dependence of the supercurrent density in bilayer cuprate superconductors, Physica C(Superconductivity)3 83, 388(2003)

22.       Ajay, with M.P.Singh,  Govind, and B.R.K.Gupta,

Role of CuO chains on the supercurrent density in layered cuprate superconductors; Indian J. Phys.77A (5), 441(2003)

23.       Ajay, with  A.Singh, P.K.Pathak,  and R. Kishore

Role of interlayer coupling on isotope effect in layered high-Tc cuprate superconductors; Physica C (Superconductivity) 415, 145(2004).

24.       P.K.Pathak, Ajay, and S.K.Joshi,

Spectral properties of doped bilayer high Tc cuprates: Role of interlayer coupling, Physica C(Superconductivity) 423, 137(2005)

25.       P.K.Pathak, and Ajay,

Electronic spectra of optimal doped bilayed and trilayer cuprate superconductors, Physica C(Superconductivity)423, 127(2005)

26.      P.K.Pathak, and Ajay

Electronic spectra of doped bilayer high Tc cuprates within t-t’-t’’-U model Physica C (Superconductivity) 444, 31 (2006)

27.       P. Ahalawat, P.K.Pathak, and Ajay

Interplay of single particle and Josephson Cooper pair tunneling on the electronic spectra in bilayer cuprate superconductors Physica C  (Superconductivity) 455, 46 (2007)

28.       B.S. Tewari ,  Ajay ,and R. Kishore

Influence of three site exchange interaction on electronic spectra of high Tc layered cuprates ,  Physica C(Superconductivity) 468, 237-243 (2008)

29.       B.S.Tewari, A. Dhyani, and Ajay

Influence of  inter unit cell resonant tunneling on the out-of-plane electronic transport behavior in layered high Tc cuprates;

European Physical Journal B 66, 67-74 (2008)

30.       A. Dhyani, B.S.Tewari, and Ajay

Josephson supercurrent through nanoscopic superconducting quantum dots tunnel Junction;

Physica E (Nanostructure and Low dimensional systems) 41,1179 (2009)

31.       A. Dhyani,  B.S.Tewari, and Ajay

Interplay of Single particle and Josephson tunneling on the Supercurrent across the superconducting quantum dot Junction: Physica E (Nanostructure and Low dimensional systems) 42, 162(2009)

32.       Ajay, B.S.Tewari, and Govind,

Influence of C-axis  inter unit cell resonant tunneling on the spectral function in bilayer cuprates:

Journal of Modern Physics , 2, 759 (2011)

33.       Sanjay Kumar, and  Ajay

Electronic spectra of monolayer and bilayer Graphene nano-structures:

 Journal of Computat. and Theoretical. Nanoscience. 10, 1-13(2013)

34.        Luxmi Rani  and  Ajay 

Electronic spectra of Iron Pinictide Superconductors: Influence of Multiorbitals hopping and Hund’s Coupling Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism-26, 527(2013)

35.       Sanjay Kumar, and  Ajay

Quasi-Particle spectrum and Density of electronic states in AA- and AB- Stacked bilayer Graphene:

The European Physical Journal B 86, 111 (2013)

36.       Sanjay Kumar, and  Ajay

Spectral properties of Correlated Multilayer Graphene:

Proceed. World Acad. of Science, Engg.& Techn. 77, 1264 (2013)

37.       Luxmi Rani  and  Ajay 

Single Particle spectral Function of Iron Pinictide Superconductors within two band model

(American Institute of Physics(AIP) Proceed. -1591-168 ( 2014)

38.       Sanjay Kumar, and  Ajay

Electronic spectrum of Correlated  Multilayer  Graphene nano-structures:

            ( Indian J. of Physics (springer) DOI1o.107/s/12648-014-0500-z(2014)

39.        Luxmi Rani and Ajay

           Quasi-particle dispersion and density of states in the Superconducting state of Iron Pnictide Superconductors;

            Materials Express, 04, 1-15 (2014)

40.       Gagan Rajput, Rajendra Kumar  and Ajay

Tunable Josephson effect in hybrid parallell  coupled double Quantum Dot- superconductors tunnel Junction

 Superlattices and Microstructures(elsevier) 73,193-202 ( 2014)

41.      A. DhyaniRajendra Kumar,  B.S.Tewari, and Ajay

         Tunable Josephson Supercrrent Through a Two Level Quantum Dot- Superconductors Tunnel Junction: 

          Journal of Comput. Electronics-(Springer)-DOI10.1007/s10825-014-0631-2014

42.       Luxmi Rani and Ajay

Influence of Multi-Orbital Hopping and Anisotropy in Intra & Inter Orbital Coulomb Interaction on Electronic Spectra in Iron Pnictide Superconductors:

PhysicaC:Superconductivity&Applications: 510,  31-41(2015)

43.       Sanjay Kumar, and  Ajay

           Quasiparticle Dispersion and Density of States in AAA, ABA and ABC Stacked Trilayer  Graphene

            Physica E: (Nano-structures & Low dimensional systems)-65, 36-43 (2015) 

44.     Luxmi Rani  and Ajay

         Influence of Multi-Orbital Hopping, Coulomb correlations and Hund's Coupling on Transition Temperature in            doped Iron based Superconductors;

         J. of Supercond. & Nov. Magn. 29, 67-77(2016)

45.     Luxmi Rani  and Ajay

          Influence of Multi-Orbitals and anisotropic Coulomb Interactions on Isotope effect Coefficient in doped Iron               based Superconductors;

         Physica C( Superconductivity & Its Applications) 29, R1-Accepted (2017)