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Physics Association


Physics Association 2017-18
Position Name Desigination E-mail Mobile No.
Faculty Advisor Dr. Nataraj Huliyar Faculty

President Vishal Kumar Ph.D. 7060334732
Vice-President Anuj Kumar Ph.D. 9467801048
General Secretaries Mohd Rehan Ph.D. 9675045568
Harshit Sharma M.Sc. 8126044642
Treasurers Sheetal Rawat Ph.D. 8476095802
Tanuj Chamoli Ph.D. 7351618216
Cultural Secretaries Anil Kumar Ph.D. 9414530405
Shivani Bhakal B.Tech. 9636107113
Aakanksha Gupta M.Sc. 8054223334
Sports Secretaries Meetesh Ph.D. 9557173082
Bhupesh Hada B.Tech. 7217237558
Shiva M.Sc. 9971858027
Tour Secretaries Shubham Sharma Ph.D. 9760662086
Samridhi M.Sc. 7838409433
Wall Magazine Secretaries Himank Joshi M.Sc. 7500307691
Munmun Twisha M.Sc. 9717935863
Kanishka Kumar Singh M.Sc. 8800330551