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B Tech Engg Physics students IIT Roorkee exhibiting their activities in the Lab
Thermal Lab

List of Experiments

  1. Determination of “J” By Callendar and Barne’s Method. [Manual]
  2. To Study the Characteristics of Solar Cell. [Manual]
  3. Measurement of Temperature with Thermistor. [Manual]
  4. Planck’s Constant. [Manual]
  5. Specific Heat of Solid. [Manual]
  6. Stefan's Constant. [Manual]
  7. Dielectric and Curie Temperature Measurement of Ferroelectric Ceramics. [Manual]
  8. Study of Temperature Transducers. [Manual]
  9. Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Metal. [Manual]
  10. Measurement of Thermal Conductivity ‘K’ Of Cupper by Searle’s Apparatus . [Manual]                                                                                                          
  11. Thermal Equation of State and Critical Points of Ethane Gas. [Manual]
  12. Thermal Expansion Apparatus. [Manual]