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B Tech Engg Physics students IIT Roorkee exhibiting their activities in the Lab
Electronics Lab

List of Experiments

  1. Draw input and output characteristics of a Silicon Diode (IN 4007) and a Zener Diode. [Manual]
  2. Draw input and Output characteristics of a bipolar transistor SL 100 (NPN) in CE Configuration. [Manual]
  3. Build Logic gates AND, OR, NOR, NAND and NOT with TTL ICs, verify its truth table. [Manual]
  4. Verification of De Morgans Theorem. [Manual]
  5. Interconversion of Universal Gates and De Morgan’s Theorem. [Manual]
  6. Draw input and output characteristics of a JFET (BFW10). [Manual]
  7. Draw input and output characteristics of a MOSFET. [Manual]
  8. Study of Astable multivibrator using Timer 555. [Manual]
  9. Design of Constant Current Source. [Manual]
  10. Fabricate a DC Regulated Power Supply of 5 Volt using Zener Diode and step down Transformer of 9-0-9 V. [Manual]
  11. Study of Op amp inverting and Non - inverting Amplifier using 741 Op Amp IC. [Manual]
  12. To design Op Amp differentiator and integrator and generate Sawtooth, square and rectangular wave form. [Manual]