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B Tech Engg Physics students IIT Roorkee exhibiting their activities in the Lab
Condense Matter Physics Lab

List of Experiments

  1. Dependence of Hall Coefficient On Temperature  [Manual]
  2. Dielectric Constant of Solids & Liquids  [Manual ]
  3. Study of Dielectric Constant  [Manual]
  4. Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectrometer [Manual]
  5. Four Probe  [Manual]
  6. Hysteresis Loop Trace  [Manual]
  7. Magnetoresistance of Semiconductors [Manual ]
  8. Measurement of Dielectric Constant [Manual ]
  9. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer [Manual]
  10. P-E loop tracer  [Manual ]
  11. P-N Junctiuns  [Manual]
  12. Solar Cell  [Manual]
  13. Sputtering Unit  [Manual]
  14. Study of Hall Effect in Metals  [Manual ]
  15. Study of Magnetic Levitation System  [Manual]
  16. Furnace with Programmable Controller  [Manual]
  17. Vacuum Coating Unit  [Manual]
  18. Zeeman Effect  [Manual ]