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B Tech Engg Physics students IIT Roorkee exhibiting their activities in the Lab
B.Tech Lab for First Year

List of Experiments for B. Tech. 1st Year Physics Laboratory

  1. To determine the magnetic field of paired coils in Helmholtz arrangement.   [Manual]
  2. To determine the value of Stefan’s constant.   [Manual]
  3. To determine the resistivity of a semiconductor as a function of temperature and to estimate its band gap using four-probe method.   [Manual]
  4. To determine the mass susceptibility of a para-magnetic material by Quincke’s method.   [Manual]
  5. To study the B-H curve and calculate parameters: coercivity, saturation magnetisation & retentivity [Manual]
  6. To determine the ‘e/m’ by magnetron method.   [Manual]
  7. To determine the first excitation potential of a gas by Franck- Hertz Experiment.   [Manual]
  8. To verify the Malus law using laser light.   [Manual]
  9. To study the single slit diffraction by laser light.   [Manual]
  10. To determine the value of Planck’s constant by measuring radiation in a fixed spectral range.   [Manual]
  11. To study polarization of laser light using quarter wave plate.   [Manual]
  12. To measure Brewster’s angle.   [Manual]
  13. To determine the wavelength of sodium light by Newton’s Ring.   [Manual]
  14. To determine Planck’s Constant and work function using photo electric effect.   [Manual]
  15. To calculate the Young’s Modulus of elasticity of the material of a bar by the method flexure.   [Manual]
  16. To verify Stoke’s Low and hence determine the coefficient of Viscosity of a highly viscous liquid. [Manual]
  17. To determine the velocity of Ultrasonic Waves in water.   [Manual]
  18. Experiments related to PN Junction. [Manual]
  19. Identify the lattice and to determine its lattice constant. [Manual]

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