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Welding Laboratory

Friction Stir Welding:

Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid state welding process uses for the joining of the material like Al, Ti etc. without any porosity or solidification cracking. This FSW machine have 15 HP spindle motor with 6 rotation level (400 – 1200 rpm) and 15 – 18 x-axis feed level (for welding speed). FSW of steels can also be performed on this machine.

Laser welding:

Laser welding is a high energy density process. This is an Nd-YAG laser machine of 0.5 kW power which is capable to weld 2 mm thick plates. This can also be used for the laser surface treatment of material like steel, aluminium etc. Maximum modulated peak power of this machine is 1000 W.

Spot welding:

Spot welding is a type of resistance welding which is specially used to produce lap joints of thin sheets. This is a 150 kVA rating machine and works at 50 Hz frequency. This machine has a water cooling system which ensures the long life of the electrodes.

Corrosion Testing Setup:

This is a Gamry’s ‘1000’ potentiostsat with DC105 software package. This is used to perform various types of Potentiodynamic polarization corrosion tests like Tafel test, cyclic polarization test etc. Corrosion testing of various metal systems like aluminium, steel etc. can be performed on this machine. Machine has a three electrode electrolytic cell to perform corrosion testing.

Diffusion bonding machine:

Diffusion bonding is a solid state joining process. It is mainly used for joining of similar as well as dissimilar materials. The machine has a 10 ton loading capacity along with the hydraulic pressure system. Maximum working range of the machine to perform joining is 1000 °C temperature and high vacuum of 10-5 mbar.

TIG/MMAW welding Machine:

We have AC/DC TIG/MMAW welding machine (Make- EWM Triton 180 AC/DC) with current capacity of 180 A with air cooled torch coupled with high frequency unit for an easier arc inititation. The machine has variety of functions such as current pulsing, AC balance, square/sine/trapezoidal waveforms, etc. Aluminium alloys/Steel worpieces of upto 8 mm thickness can be welded with this machine.


MIG/MMAW welding Machine:

We have AC/DC MIG/TIG/MMAW welding machine (Make- EWM Phoenix 330AC/DC) of capacity 330 A. Various options such as adjustable wire feed rate, gas mixing option, current pulsing etc. to ensure synergic welding operation. Al/Cu/Fe alloys of upto 12 mm thick sections can be welded with this machine.

SAW machine:

SAW machine (Make- Ador Frontech Tornado 1000) with controlled wire feeding has a current capacity of 300 A. The machine is equipped with automatic trolley and flux feeder. Sections of upto 25 mm thickness can be welded with this machine.

Optical profile gas/plasma cutting machine:

Optical profile cutting machine (Make- Messer Griesheim) is used for straight and profile cutting of the thick sections. Maximum thickness that can be cut is 80 mm and 160 mm for aluminium and steel sections respectively.