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1. "Investigation of the unsteady aerodynamic response of LP turbine blade under part load conditions.", SERB-DST

Outlay 56.65 Lakhs.

2. "Development of Ultrasonic Assisted Tandem Electrochemical and Electro discharge Micromachining Process.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 59.95 Lakhs

3. "Controlling AGG in FSW joints of precipitation hardenable Al alloys.", DST

 Outlay - 33.50 Lakhs

4. "Design and experimental implementation of a nonlinear energy sink for targeted energy transfer of a beam carrying unbalanced rotor.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 27.6 Lakhs

6. "Sustainable Technologies for distributed Level Application and Energy Support of Rural Development -II (STAR II).", DST

Outlay - 1.60 Crore

7. "Design and Development of Cable- Driven Parallel Robot for Automated Construction.", SPARC

Outlay - 46.19 Lakhs

8. "Research and Development of Nanoenhanced wear resistance.", DST

Outlay - 13.34 Lakhs

9. "Implications of 3D printed bio-ceramic based scaffold logistic in Uttarakhand.", UST

10. "Experimental investigation on ultrasonic assisted grinding.", CSIR

11. "Design and development of novel cutting inserts using rapid tooling.", ARDB

12. Independent Engineer for Dharamshala-McLeodganj Passenger Ropeway Project.", Government of Himachal Pradesh and DRL, Dharamshala

Outlay - 17.7 Lakhs

13. "Development of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites.", Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Outlay - 3.93 Lakhs

14. "Development of a 3D ablation software for the design of ablative materials.", DRDO

Outlay - 25 Lakhs

15. "Diffusion bonding for joining of similar and dissimilar metals using innovating approaches for enhanced joint performance.", DST

Outlay - 21.30 Lakhs

16. "INNOVIZATION: Discovery of Innovative Knowledge through Optimization and Machine Learning.", MHRD, MSU (USA)and GE

Outlay - 105.64 Lakh

17. "Solar assisted liquid desiccant cooling system using single storage tank.", DST

Outlay - 35.4 Lakhs

18. "Joining of steel-aluminium alloys using friction stir welding (INSA).", INSA

19. "Optimizing the Number of Fire Detectors in Crew Compartment of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs).", CFEES Delhi, DRDO

Outlay - 19.44 Lakhs


1. "Development of a Thermochemical code for enhanced Blast Explosives.", DRDO

Outlay - 35.23 Lakhs

2. "Development of couple DSMC/PMC solver for rarefied media.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 30 Lakhs

3. "Analysis of rapid phase transition in liquid natural gas spills.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 34.91 Lakhs

4. "Studies on high temperature behavior of Al- & Cu winding used in distribution transformers.", ICA, Mumbai

Outlay - 25.07 Lakhs

5. "Heat resistant weld joints of dissimilar steel for thermal power plants.", CSIR

Outlay - 22.96 Lakhs

6. "Design, Development, and characterization of a Dielectric Elastomer - based variable focal length Mirror.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 42.91 Lakhs

7. "Investigating and enhancing the porosity of ceramic shell in investment casting process.", SERB-DST

8. "Rapid prototyping by wire metal and metal droplets for high temperature applications.", EIL, India

9. "Molecular dynamics based Atomistic Simulations to investigate the feasibility of defective Graphene and H-Bn Nanosheets for Desalination.",  CSIR

Outlay - 15.88 Lakhs

10. "Indo-Korean Joint Network Centre on Robotics.", DST

Outlay - 34.86 Lakhs

11. "Setting of up Centre for Railway Research (CRR).", RDS

Outlay - 1 Crore

12. "Multiscale Simulation Framework for Defect Formation Studies in Electronic Materials and Devices.", Indo Korean, DST, New Delhi

Outlay - 37.93 Lakhs

13. "Numerical Crack Growth studies in hybridized pressure tube of PHWR.", DAE

Outlay - 16.49 Lakhs

14. "Development of stochastic multiscale framework based on microstructural features for prediction the bulk response of heterogeneous materials.", CSIR

Outlay - 13.54 Lakhs

15. "Development of XFEM based damage Tolerance philosophy for the remaining life Assesment of Aeroengine Components.", DRDO

Outlay - 23.54 Lakhs

16. "Design and development of proof of - concept model of a Packaging methodology & rigidization for Gossamer Space Antenna Structure.", Space Application Centre, ISRO

Outlay - 26.01 Lakhs

17. "Design (mathematical modeling and simulation) of elastomer based shock absorption system.", R&DE (E) Pune, DRDO

Outlay - 18.82 Lakhs



1." Development of a cost effective Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) with centrifugal mechanical circulator, Drive system and associated control.", MHRD, India and ICMR, India

Outlay - 20 Lakhs 

2. "Flow Field and erosion wear analysis of casing of a centrifugal slurry pump.", CSIR

Outlay - 19.88 Lakhs

3. "Measurement of Brain Deformation under Impact Loading.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 44.42 Lakhs

4. "Nonlinear Interaction of Guided Waves with Delamination Defects in Composite Waveguides.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 48.36 Lakhs 

5. "Optimization of three-Fluid Heat Exchanger Performance - A Numerical & Experimental Investigation.", CSIR

Outlay - 21.96 Lakhs

6. "2-D Transition metal Carbides based hybrid symmetric /asymmetric supercapacitor for energy storage application.", DST

Outlay - 19.69 Lakhs

7. "Tunable phononic materials for low frequency band gap using computational and experimental approach.",  SERB-DST

Outlay - 38.93 Lakhs

8." Investigation on Flow instabilities in Draft Tube at Off-Design operation of Hydraulic Turbines.", Central Power Research Institute, New Delhi

Outlay - 1.75 Crore


1. "Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of In homogeneously Deforming Dielectric Elastomer Actuators.", DST

Outlay - 85 Lakhs 

2. "Development of unified model for micro and macroscopic two phase interfaces by coupling Eulerian and Lagrangian framework.", BRNS, India

Outlay - 23 Lakhs

3. "Enhancement of inside tube flow boiling heat transfer of eco-friendly refrigerants.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 43 Lakhs

4. "Experiments in design fire environment facility relevant to NPPS.," DAE

Outlay - 1.99 Crore

5. "Experimental Investigation of 700 Mwe Specific Full Length Channel Deformation (Sagging) Behaviour.", DAE

Outlay - 68.48 Lakhs

6. "Channel Heatup Study under Slumped Fuel Condition for PHWR.", DAE

Outlay - 69.03 Lakhs

7. "Thermal Radiation Hazard from Biofuel pool fires.", SERB-DST

Outlay - ~40 Lakhs

8. "Investigation on hydrogen Generation from a PHWR Disassembled Channel.",  BRNS

Outlay - 48.18 Lakh

9. "A molecular dynamics based atomistic simulation to study the effect of nanofillers on the mechanical and thermal properties of polymer based nanocomposite.", Nanomission, DST

Outlay - 24.09 Lakhs

10. "Molecular dynamics based simulations to investigate the effect of radiation on the mechanical and fracture properties of single phase zirconium (Zr) and Zr-1% Nb alloy.", BRNS, DAE

Outlay - 22.79 Lakhs

11. "Modeling and control of mobile cooperating bionic arms.", CEFIPRA, DST (INDIA)-CNRS (FRANCE)

Outlay - 33.66 Lakhs

12. "Heat up and Quenching Studies of PHWR Specific Debris.", DAE

Outlay - 41.66 Lakhs



1. "Use of nanofillers in hybrid composites for advanced barrier layers, packing and medical applications.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 64.31 Lakhs

2. "Development control system for mobile robot with manipulator for transporting hazardous materials.",  DST

Outlay - 13.95 Lakhs

3. "Boil-Off and Multiple Channel Disassemble Study for PHWR.", DAE

Outlay - 1.47 Crore

4. "Development of CAD platform for sustainable product realization.", SERB-DST

Outlay - 10.44 Lakhs

5. "High temperature Thermal Contact Conductance (TCC) measurement for PT-CT contact.", BARC (DAE)

Outlay - 1.54 Crore

6. "Design and development of proof of - concept model of an adaptive membrane.", Space Application Centre,  ISRO

Outlay - 29.75 Lakhs

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