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  • Mechanics of Material Laboratory
  • Dynamics of Machines Laboratory
  • Mechanical Vibration and Noise Control Laboratory
  • Measurement, Control and Robotics Laboratory
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory
  • Tribology Laboratory
  • IC Engine, Fuel and Combustion Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Laboratory
  • Aerodynamics and Solar Energy Laboratory
  • Steam Power Engineering Laboratory
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Laboratory
  • Machine Tool Laboratory
  • Metrology Laboratory
  • Metallurgy and Heat treatment Laboratory
  • Foundry Engineering and Heat Treatment Laboratory
  • Work Science Laboratory
  • Manufacturing Systems Laboratory
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process Laboratory
  • Weld Testing and NDT Laboratory
  • Welding Laboratory
  • Welding Metallurgical & Chemical Analysis Laboratory