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Siladitya Pal
Siladitya Pal Assistant Professor spal.fme[at]
Areas of Interest
  • , Computational Solid Mechanics
  • , Multiscale modeling of Materials
  • , Multiphysics modeling
  • , Fracture Mechanics
  • , Dynamic behavior of Materials
  • , Crystal Plasticity
  • , Mechanics of soft materials
  • , High performance parallel computing
Professional Background
20102015Post Doctoral Research AssociateUniversity of Pittsburgh
Honors and Awards
Best Master’s ThesisIISc, Bangalore2006
Best Thesis in the division of Aerospace StructureIISc, Bangalore2006
Educational Details
PhDMechanical EngineeringMichigan Technological University2010
MSAerospace EngineeringIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India2006
Bachelor of EngineeringMechanical EngineeringBengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah, India2003
Refereed Journal Papers

S Pal, DV Kubair;  Finite element simulations of microvoid growth due to selective oxidation in binary alloys; Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering; 2006, 14 (7), 1211

S Pal, MG Kulkarni, DV Kubair; Mode-3 spontaneous crack propagation in symmetric functionally graded materials; International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2007, 44 (1), 242-254

MG Kulkarni, S Pal, DV Kubair; Mode-3 spontaneous crack propagation in unsymmetric functionally graded materials; International Journal of Solids and Structures; 2007, 44 (1), 229-241

S Pal, S Maiti, G Subhash; Effect of microscopic deformation mechanisms on the dynamic response of soft cellular materials; Mechanics of Materials; 2010, 42 (2), 118-133

I Banerjee, S Pal, S Maiti; Computationally efficient black-box modeling for feasibility analysis; Computers & Chemical Engineering 34 (9), 1515-1521

S Pal, S Damle, S Patel, MK Dutta, PN Kumta, S Maiti; Micromechanisms of capacity fade in silicon anode for lithium-ion batteries; ECS Transactions; 2012, 41 (11), 87-99

S Pal, SS Damle, PN Kumta, S Maiti; Modeling of lithium segregation induced delamination of a-Si thin film anode in Li-ion batteries; Computational Materials Science; 2013, 79, 877-887

S Pal, SS Damle, SH Patel, MK Datta, PN Kumta, S Maiti; Modeling the delamination of amorphous-silicon thin film anode for lithium-ion battery; Journal of Power Sources; 2014, 246, 149-159

S Pal, A Tsamis, S Pasta, A D'Amore, TG Gleason, DA Vorp, S Maiti; A mechanistic model on the role of “radially-running” collagen fibers on dissection properties of human ascending thoracic aorta; Journal of Biomechanics; 2014, 47 (5), 981-988

A Feola, S Pal, P Moalli, S Maiti, S Abramowitch; Varying degrees of nonlinear mechanical behavior arising from geometric differences of urogynecological meshes; Journal of Biomechanics, 2014, 47 (11), 2584-2589

SE Henderson, K Verdelis, S Maiti, S Pal, WL Chung, DT Chou, PN Kumta, AJ Almarza; Magnesium alloys as a biomaterial for degradable craniofacial screws; Acta biomaterialia, 2014, 10 (5), 2323-2332

A Tsamis, S Pal, JA Phillippi, TG Gleason, S Maiti, DA Vorp; Effect of aneurysm on biomechanical properties of “radially-oriented” collagen fibers in human ascending thoracic aortic media; Journal of biomechanics, 2014, 47 (16), 3820-3824

J Zhou, S Pal, S Maiti, LA Davidson; Force production and mechanical accommodation during convergent extension; Development; 2015, 142 (4), 692-701

A Chaya, S Yoshizawa, K Verdelis, N Myers, BJ Costello, DT Chou, S Pal, S Maiti, PN Kumta, C Sfier; In vivo study of magnesium plate and screw degradation and bone fracture healing; Acta Biomaterialia, 2015, 18, 262-269

J Thunes, RM Miller, S Pal, S Damle, RE Debski, S Maiti; The effect of size and location of tears in the supraspinatus tendon on potential tear propagation; Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2015, 137 (8), 08101

SS Damle, S Pal, PN Kumta, S Maiti; Effect of silicon configurations on the mechanical integrity of silicon–carbon nanotube heterostructured anode for lithium ion battery: A computational study; Journal of Power Sources, 2016, 304, 373-383