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Pathak Pushparaj Mani
Pushparaj Mani Pathak Associate Professor pushpfme[at] 91-1332-285608
Areas of Interest
  • Robotics, Dynamics , Control, Bond Graph Modelling, Design
Professional Background
23-10-12cont.Associate ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee
23-02-0622-10-12Assistant ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee
07-01-0422-02-06ReaderIndira Gandhi Government Engineering College, Sagar
01-11-0206-01-04Senior LecturerIndira Gandhi Government Engineering College, Sagar
07-01-9931-10-02Senior LecturerGovernment Engineering College, Raipur
07-01-9406-01-99LecturerGovernment Engineering College, Raipur
11-06-9006-01-94Junior Telecom OfficerWestern Telecom Region, Mumbai
16-10-8910-06-90Junior Telecom Officer (Trainee)Regional Telecom Training Center, Hyderabad
02-1989 06-1989Design Engineer (Trainee)Gajra Gears Limited, Dewas (M.P.)
Honors and Awards
Member Technical Committee for Multi-body DynamicsInternational Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM)2011
Best Paper Award 4th International Conference on Integrated Modeling and Analysis in Applied Control and Automation2010
Educational Details
Ph.D.Robotics, Dynamics, ControlIndian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur2005
M.TechSolid Mechanics and DesignIndian Institute of Technology, Kanpur1998
B.Tech.Mechanical EngineeringNational Institute of Technology, Calicut1988
Administrative Background
20062013Staff Adviser, Model and RoboticsHobbies Club
2006ContOfficer-In-Charge, Robotics and Control LabMechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
20102012Officer-In-Charge, Maintenance (East Block)Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
20142016Member, Department Administrative CommitteeMechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
20142016Member, Department Purchase CommitteeMechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
20142016Member, Department Research CommitteeMechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
20142016Coordinator, Machine Design LaboratoriesMechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
20152016Vice-Chairman GATE-JAM 2016IIT Roorkee
20162017Organizing Vice-Chairman GATE 2017; Vice Chairman JAM 2017IIT Roorkee
20172018Chairman GATE-JAM 2018IIT Roorkee
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Design & Fabrication of a Planar Cooperative Space RobotSRIC, IIT Roorkee2007
Root cause analysis of problems caused by excessive vibration of separator fan and related imbalanceACC,Gaggal (HP)2008
Dynamics and Control of RobotsCEC Course2008
Recommendation to lower the vibrations caused by erosive wear in separator fan ACC,Gaggal (HP)2008
Walking Robot With Flexible LegsSRIC, IIT Roorkee2008
Modelling, Simulation and Control of Space RobotsIndian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)2009
BOPET Film Manufacturing Equipment Design Study, Gap Analysis and New Design for Enhance CapacitySRF limited, Kashipur2009
Design and Development of Miniature Robot for Biopsy and In Vivo SurgeryDepartment of Science and Technology, (DST), Government of India2009
Failure investigation of cranes accidents at Jamrudpur site of DMRC Crime branch, ISC, Delhi 2010
Fault Tolerant Control and Reconfiguration of Walking Robots with Flexible LegsDepartment of Sc. and Tech., (DST), Govt. of India and Ministry of Sc. and Tech., South Korea2011
Design of Different Components Of 5.0 Ton Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) CraneB.K. TRADERS, BARAUNI (For Indian Oil Corporation)2013
Inspection of injection moulding machine to determine its classificationTexplas, Haridwar2013
Development of control system for mobile robot with manipulator for transporting hazardous materialsDST, Gov of India and Ministerio De Ciencia, Teconología E Innovación Productiva, Govt of Argentina2015
Modelling and Feasibility Studies towards development of wire actuated manipulator arm for ROV-DAKSHDefence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Research and Development Establishments (Engr)2015
Modelling and control of mobile cooperating bionic armsDST India and CNRS FRance2016
  • Robotics Society of India, Member
  • Association for Machines and Mechanisms, Life member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Robotics and ControlMI 502M Tech.(including Pre Phd Course)Spring
Advanced RoboticsMI 568M TechSpring
Machine DrawingMI 204B TechSpring
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Modelling and Control of Flexible Space RobotsAmit KumarA2006
Modelling and Control of Quadruped Robot with Flexible LegsV L KrishnanA2008
Dynamics and Control of Dual-Arm Space RobotsHaresh Kumar Punalal PatoliaA2008
Studies on Electro-Magnetically Stir Cast Al-Si AlloysPrabhkiran KaurA2008
Design Development and Control of Miniature Robot for In-Vivo BiopsyMihir Kumar SutarA2010
Remaining Life Prediction of Machine Element by Using Reverse Engineering ApproachAtul KumarA2010
Dynamic Modeling and Control of Quadruped Robot with Compliant LegsGor Mehulkumar MahendrabhaiA2012
Wireless Hybrid Visual Servoing Algorithms For Mobile RobotsGossaye Mekonnen AlemuA2012
Strategies for Control of Multiple and Hyper Redundant Space RobotsVijay DallaA2012
Dynamics and Control of Rail VehicleVivek KumarO2011
Design and control of an hyper-redundant snake robotVitalram RayankulaO2015
Design and Development of Glass Cleaning RobotRavindra Singh BishtO2015
Modelling and Control of Soft RobotsMulu GirmayO2015
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., To participate in 15th IASTED International Conference on Modelling and Simulation 1/3/2004
École Polytechnique Universitaire de Lille (Polytech’Lille), FranceCollaborative researchMay 2008
École Polytechnique Universitaire de Lille (Polytech’Lille), FranceCollaborative researchMay 2009
Fez, MoroccoTo participate in the 4th International Conference On Integrated Modeling And Analysis In Applied Control And Automation (IMAACA 2010), 13/10/2010
École Polytechnique Universitaire de Lille (Polytech’Lille), FranceCollaborative researchMay, 2011
Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, AustriaTo attend international conference15/02/2012
Catholic university and Keimyung university Daegu, South KoreaCollaborative research17/06/2012
École Polytechnique Universitaire de Lille, France Collaborative research01/06/2013
Jeju, South KoreaJoint Korea-India workshop in Robotics, , 30-31 November 2013.30/11/2013
Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Republic of KoreaCollaborative research20/10/2014
BangkokTo participate in International Conference on Production and Mechanical Engineering 30/12/2014
Taipei, Taiwan To participate in the 14th IFToMM World Congress, Taipei International Convention Center, Taiwan, 25/10/2015
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
1st International and 16th National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms (iNaCoMM 2013)Association for Machines and Mechanisms (AMM)18/12/2013
National International Collaboration
Fault Tolerant Control and Reconfiguration of Walking Robots with Flexible LegsKyungpook National University, Daegu, South KoreaRP
Development of Control System for Mobile Robot with Manipulator for Transporting Hazardous MaterialsUniversidad Nacional de Rosario, ArgentinaRP
Modelling and Control of Mobile Cooperating Bionic ArmsDST India and INRIA FranceRP
Books Authored

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems: Modeling, Control and Diagnosis, R. Merzouki, A.K. Samantaray, P.M. Pathak, B. Ould Bouamama, Springer, London, 2013, ISBN 978-1-4471-4628-5

Refereed Journal Papers


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  2. Mihir Kumar Sutar and Pushpraj Mani Pathak, Bond Graph Modelling and Control of Hyper-Redundant Miniature Robot for In-Vivo Biopsy, (Book Chapter to appear), Springer (Editor: Wolfgang Borutzky)

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