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Avinash Parashar
Avinash Parashar Assistant Professor drap1fme[at] 01332-284801
Areas of Interest
  • Design, Composites, Nanocomposites, FEM, Fracture Mechanics, damage mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, Nanomechanics, Graphene, CNT, h-BN nanosheets, nuclear materials
Professional Background
2014PresentAssistant ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology-Roorkee
20132014Attached ScientistAtomic Energy of Canada Limited
20122013PostdoctoralJohn Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Honors and Awards
Institute Research FellowshipIIT Roorkee2019
Excellent grades for executing research project of Nanomission, DSTIIT Roorkee2018
3rd Prize in Paper, International Conference on Processing and Characterisation of MaterialsNIT Rourkela2018
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited postdoctoral fellowshipAtomic Energy of Canada Limited2013
NSERC (Visiting postdoctoral fellowship)Canadian Government Laboratories2013
NSERC postgraduate scholarship (PGS D3)University of Alberta/ University of Toronto2009-2012
Alberta innovates graduate scholarship in nanotechnologyUniversity of Alberta2010-2012
Ontario graduate scholarshipUniversity of Toronto2009
Presidents doctoral prize of distinction University of Alberta2009-2012
ASME OMAE Calgary graduate scholarshipUniversity of Alberta2010-2012
Tuition fees waiverUniversity of Alberta2009
University of Toronto fellowshipUniversity of Toronto2008
President scout K.V. # 3 Jaipur1994
Educational Details
PhDMechanical EngineeringUniversity of Alberta2012
B.E.Mechanical EngineeringMANIT-Bhopal2002
Administrative Background
20042006Executive EngineerNational Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC Ltd.)
20032004EngineerHonda Siel Cars India Ltd.
20022003Graduate EngineerLML Ltd
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Tailoring of polymer properties using nanofillersIIT Roorkee (MHRD)2014
A molecular dynamics based atomistic simulation to study the effect of nanofiller on the mechanical Nanomission, Department of Science and Technology2015
Atomistic simulations to study irradiation damage in alloysDepartment of Atomic Energy, BRNS2016
Defective graphene and h-BN nanosheet CSIR2018
  • Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Alberta, Professional Engineer
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Engineering Analysis and DesignMI-291Mechanical EngineeringAutumn
Mechanics of CompositesMIN-560Mechanical EngineeringSpring
Machine DesignMI-212Production & IndustrialSpring
Measurement and InstrumentationMI-362Mechanical EngineeringSpring
Modeling and SimualtionNT-504NanotechnologySpring
Engineering DrawingMI-108Mechanical EngineeringSpring
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Molecular dynamics based atomistic simulations of defective grapheneMr. Rajasekaran GA2014
Molecular dynamics based simulations of BN reinforced nanocompositesMr. Rajesh KumarA2014
NanocompositesAkarsh VermaO2016
Nuclear IrradiationDivya SinghO2016
Polycrystalline 2D nanomaterialsBharat Bhushan SharmaO2017
High strain rate behaviour of nano-compositeAnkur ChaurasiaO2018
Participation in short term courses
Couse NameSponsored ByDate
Applications of Computational Techniques in Engineering Using MatlabTEQIP IIT RoorkeeJune 2019
Special Lectures Delivered
Atomistic Modeling of NanofillersQIP, IIT Saharanpur21/2/2015
Atomistic simulations of pristine and defective 2D nano materialsMahatma Gandhi UniversityApril, 201
2D NanomaterialsGeetanjali Engineering College, Udaipur2018
Refereed Journal Papers

        Book Chapter

  1. Akarsh Verma, Naman Jain, Avinash Parashar, Suchart Siengchin, Vinay K Singh, Sanjay MR (2019), Surface modification techniques for the preparation of different novel biofibers for composites. In book: Biofibers and Biopolymers for Biocomposites: Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties. Publisher: Springer Nature.

        Joiurnal Articles

  1. Ankur Chaurasia, Akarsh Verma, Avinash Parashar, Rahul S Mulik, (2019) An Experimental and Computational Study to Analyse the Effect of h-BN Nanosheets on Mechanical Behaviour of h-BN/Polyethylene Nanocomposite. The Journal of physical chemistry C, 123, 20059-20070.
  2. Divya Singh, Avinash Parashar, Rajeev Kapoor, Apu Sarkar, A. Kedharnath (2019), Molecular dynamics-based simulations to study crack tip interaction with symmetrical and asymmetrical tilt grain boundaries in zirconiumJournal of nuclear materials, 526,151739.
  3. Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Avinash Parashar (2019) Atomistic simulations to study the effect of water molecules on the mechanical behavior of functionalized and non-functionalized h-BN .Computational materials science, 169, 109092.
  4. Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Avinash Parashar (2019) Atomisitc simulations to study the effect of grain boundaries and hydrogen functionalisation on the fracture toughness of bi-crystalline h-BN nanosheets.PCCP, 21, 13116-13125.
  5. Divya Singh, Avinash Parashar (2019) Effect of Nb precipitate on defect formation and migration energies in bi-crystalline Zr. Materials chemistry and physics, 235, 121729.
  6. Saurabh S Sharma, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Avinash Parashar (2019Defect formation dynamics in dry and water submerged graphene nanosheets. Materials research express, 6, 075063
  7. Saurabh S Sharma, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Avinash Parashar (2019) Mechanical and fracture behaviour of water submerged graphene. Journal of applied physics, 125, 215107
  8. Divya Singh, Avinash Parashar (2019Atomistic simulations to study the effect of Nb precipitate on fracture properties of bi-crystalline Zr. Journal of physics D: applied physics, 52,355304
  9. Akarsh Verma, Rajesh Kumar, Avinash Parashar (2019Enhanced thermal transport across bi-crystalline graphene-polymer interface: An atomistic approach. PCCP, 21, 6229-6237
  10. Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Avinash Parashar, (2019) A review on thermo-mechanical properties of bi-crystalline and polycrystalline 2D nanomaterials. Critical reviews in solid state and materials sciences. (Published online)
  11. Akarsh Verma, Avinash Parashar, Muthukumaran Packirisamy (2019), Effect of grain boundaries on the interfacial behaviour of graphene-polyethylene nanocomposite. Applied surface science, 470, 1085-1092.
  12. Divya Singh, Avinash Parashar, Rajeev Kapoor, Apu Sarkar, A. Kedharnath (2019), Effect of symmetrical and asymmetrical tilt grain boundaries on the tensile deformation of zirconium bi-crystals: a MD based study. Journal of Materials science, 54, 3082-3095
  13. Vibhor Singla, Akarsh Verma, Avinash Parashar (2019), A molecular dynamics based study to estimate the point defects formation energies in graphene containing STW defects. Materials research express, 6,015606 (SPARK INTRENSHIP WORK)
  14. Divya Singh, Pankaj Sharma, Sahil Jindal, Prince Kumar, Piyush Kumar, Avinash Parashar (2018): Atomistic simulations to study crack tip behaviour in single crystal of bcc Niobium and hcp Zirconium. Current applied physics 19,37-43.
  15. Akarsh Verma, Avinash Parashar (2018) Structural and Chemical Insights into Thermal Transport for Strained Functionalised Graphene: A Molecular Dynamics Study. Materials research express, 5,116505.
  16. Akarsh Verma, Avinash Parashar (2018) Tailoring the failure morphology of bicrystalline graphene oxide. Journal of Applied Physics, 124, 015102. 
  17. Akarsh Verma, Avinash Parashar (2018) Reactive force field based atomistic simulations to study fracture toughness of bicrystalline graphene functionalised with oxide groups. Diamond and Related Materials, 88, 193-203.
  18. Divya Singh, Avinash Parashar (2018) Effect of symmetrical and asymmetrical tilt grain boundaries on radiation induced defects in zirconium. Journal of Physics D: Applied physics, 51,265301.
  19. Rajesh Kumar, Avinash Parashar (2018) Effect of geometrical defects and functionalization on the interfacial strength of h-BN / polyethylene based nanocomposite. Polymer, 146, 82-90.
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Conference   proceeding

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