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Society of Automotive Engineers

Society of Automotive Engineers IIT Roorkee collegiate chapter was established in March 2000 with the collective effort of a group of students who had a strong urge to complement the theoretical knowledge imparted in the classroom, with emphasis on the practical aspects of engineering. With a humble beginning in March 2000, SAE IIT-R has grown steadily to its present strength of nearly 180 members and is one of the most active and popular technical societies in the campus. The chapter can proudly boast of having committed members from the entire gamut of engineering streams offered at IIT Roorkee.

We have the two technical teams working in different automotive ventures:

Team KNOx is a group of automobile enthusiasts who specialize in designing and fabrication of All-Terrain Vehicles. The team represents IIT Roorkee at BAJA SAE India, which is the largest annual inter­collegiate competition to be held across the country where we compete with 300 other colleges.


IIT Roorkee Motorsports
  is the Formula Student team of IIT Roorkee which participates in Formula SAE competitions, the largest Engineering Competition in the world, by designing, developing and fabricating an open-wheel Formula style Race Car.




Along with the teams, SAE keeps the student community at Roorkee engaged with frequent activities taking root from the inherent innovation and creativity of the students themselves. To name a few:

Zaplin Junker: The Fun Event
Specially organized for freshers, this event gives them a chance to showcase their creativity and come up with a working model to compete amongst themselves.  








Automotive Lecture Series
These serve the purpose of getting students acquainted with technical knowledge about automobiles. We aim to provide basic knowhow of automobiles to every interested individual, be it out of simple curiosity or career opportunities.
We also hold fortnightly knowledge sessions based on specific innovations, technology and
automotive events which eventually
turn into blogs at

Vehicle Dynamics and RC Car Workshop
The workshop provides a more tangible platform for the deliverance of knowledge and allows a hands-on experience to transcend from the students’ imagination.





SAE Aero

A relatively new initiative by SAE IIT Roorkee, it caters to the needs of all aeromodelling enthusiasts on campus. Tinkering with UAVs and participating in national level competitions, the group is already brimming with innovative individuals working together, with a will to fly higher.






Industrial Trip
Apart from the college activities, a field trip is conducted to one of the nearby industries to give students an idea about the functioning of industries.



The RC Car Racing Contest is a centre stage event at Cognizance-the Technical Fest of IIT Roorkee. With teams from across the country participating, there’s no denying that it is a complete delight to watch.





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