The Department of Mathematics attained its present status of an independent department in 1960. Growing steadily, today the department not only teaches various topics in mathematics to undergraduate and postgraduate students of different engineering and science departments, but also runs its own five years Integrated M.Sc. Course in Applied Mathematics and a two years M.Sc. course in Mathematics. The department has started 5 year Integrated M.Sc. degree program in Applied Mathematics in 2007 where admission is made through JEE. Besides the central Computing facilities of the Institute, the department has its own state of the art Computational Lab and a Mathematical Modelling Lab. The Department also offers facilities for research work leading to Ph.D. degree in different branches of Pure and Applied Mathematics. The department has so far produced over 250 Ph.D's including many foreign students.

Department has collaborations with different national and international organizations and has expertise in various fields of mathematics and offers consultancies in mathematical modelling and solution of various industrial and real life problems. The faculty also joins different industrial research and consultancy teams to mutually solve problems of higher mathematical contents.

The Department of Mathematics have faculty members with specialization in pure, applied and computational branch of Mathematics. The department is also having a strong group of faculty members working in the area of operation research and statistics.  At present, department is having 27 faculty members and around 80 research scholars.