Department of Mathematics,Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee
Course Coordinators

Course Coordinators for the spring semester 2018-19.

Course/Class Coordinator
Integrated M.Sc. Applied Mathematics  
Integrated M.Sc. 1st Year Prof. Uaday Singh
Integrated M.Sc. 2nd Year Prof. Pratibha
Integrated M.Sc. 3rd Year Prof. Tanuja Srivastava
Integrated M.Sc. 4th Year Prof. Maheshanand
Integrated M.Sc. 5th Year Prof. Sandip Banarjee
Two years M.Sc. in Mathematics   
M.Sc. 1st Year Prof. A. Swaminathan
M.Sc. 2nd Year Prof. R.K. Pandey


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