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Interests :

GIS and Remote Sensing Applications, Climate Change Impact Studies, Urban Floods, Hydrological Data Analysis

  dsarya[at]  +91 1332 285370
Interests :

Stochastic Hydrology, Extreme value estimation, Flood estimation and forecasting, modelling, Power generation projects and pipeline projects, hydrological analysis and planning, Area specific hydrological problems, Project hydrology

  goelnfhy[at]  285814
Head Of Department
Interests :

Modelling of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Systems, Water Availability Analysis, Hydrology, Watershed Hydrology, Hydrology, Remote Sensing and GIS Applications, Distributed Modelling of Rainfall-Runoff-Soil Erosion Processes, Hydrology, Flood Routing, Environmental Flow, Environmental Flow Assessmwnt, Flood, Floodplain Zoning, Drought, Drought Assessmwnt

  mjainfhy[at]  +91-1332-285845
Interests :

Environmental assessment, Water, soil and air monitoring, Water quality modelling, Impact assessment, Environmental management, Water and wastewater treatment, Membrane technology, Nanotechnology, Phytoremediation, Environmental Planning, Sustainability evaluation, Water Footprint assessment

  joshifhy[at]  285390
Interests :

Rainfall-Runoff Analysis, Flood Routing and Flood Forecasting,Ungauged catchment studies, Dam Break, Flood Analysis, Dam Break modelling, Hydrometry,Open-channel Hydraulics

  perumfhy[at]  285817
Assistant Professor
Interests :

Field and modeling experiments to investigate water movement through various watershed components, Understanding Surface Runoff Generation Mechanisms; Rainfall-Runoff Modeling; Watershed Management

  ssenhfhy[at]  +91-01332-284754
Associate Professor
Interests :

Remediation of Soil-water systems, Bioremediation of NAPL, PRB, Phytoremediation of heavy metals, Vadose zone Modeling, Plant water and solute uptake modeling, Groundwater Modeling, Numerical simulations, Nitrate and arsenic movement in Subsurface, MODFLOW, HYDRUS, Multiple Phase Flow, CO2 Sequestration and risk assessment

  brijkfhy[at]  +91-1332-284755