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PhD degrees awarded

PhDs awarded in the last 5 years


Chandan Kumar (Economics)

Transitions in Occupational and Educational Mobility, and Associated Dynamics in India

Supervised by: Prof. D. K. Nauriyal, Prof. S. P. Singh


Veerendra Kumar Mishra (English)

Growth and Development of Self: A Study of Selected Bildungsromane of Modern Age

Supervised by: Prof. Pashupati Jha, Prof. Binod Mishra


Kusum Kundu (English)

An Early Start: Emancipation of Women in Some Major Novels of  R.K.Narayan

Supervised by: Prof. Pashupati Jha, Prof. Binod Mishra


Reena Chauhan (English)

Tropes of Gender: A Study of the Novels of Manju Kapoor

Supervised by: Prof. Rashmi Gaur, Prof. Smita Jha


Nivedita Sharma (Economics)

Contract Farming in Punjab: Institutional Framework, Determinants and Efficiency

Supervised by: Prof. S. P. Singh


Akansha Kataria (Psychology)

OCB: A Function of High Performance HR Practices, Psychological Climate and Work Engagement

Supervised by: Prof. Renu Rastogi


Anjali Jindal (Psychology)

Impact of Job Design on Work-life Balance and Burnout of Employees

Supervised by: Prof. Renu Rastogi





Esha Mahajan (Psychology)

Depression and Marital Satisfaction: A Function of Menopause Awareness in Women

Supervised by: Prof. Renu Rastogi


Umesh Bamel (Psychology)

Organization Climate and Role Efficacy as Predictors of Managerial Effectiveness

Supervised by: Prof. Renu Rastogi


Santosh Kumar Sharma (Psychology)

Workplace Spirituality as a Predictor of Psychological Well- Being and Stress Resistance

Supervised by: Prof. Renu Rastogi, Prof. Anindya J. Mishra


Shaista Irshaad (English)

Gendered Spaces: Women in the Novels of Margaret Atwood

Supervised by: Prof. Rashmi Gaur, Prof. Niroj Banerjee (HSS, MNIT, Allahabad)


Shresha Yadav (English)

Crime and Environment in the novels of Graham Greene

Supervised by: Prof. Smita Jha


Urjani Chakravorty (English)

A Pragma-Linguistic Study of Four Contemporary Indian Diasporic Novelists

Supervised by: Prof. Rashmi Gaur


Jaya Kritika Ojha (English)

Empowerment of Women Artisans through Capacity Building Training

Supervised by: Prof. Pashupati Jha, Prof. Binod Mishra