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Disciplines and Areas






  • Does literature have a social obligation? Can we study literature 'for its own sake'? 
  • How do we preserve literature in the age of information technology and digital data?
  • How has our perception of diaspora changed in the digital era?
  • How have the concepts of ‘home’ and ‘away’ changed with globalization?
  • What role do semantics and linguistics play in understanding human and non-human behavior?
  • How does the concept of time and space affect the representation of characters in contemporary fiction? 
  • How does folk literature represent and shape the cultural and tribal identity of Ladakhi people? 
  • How can one explore modern day ‘hybrid’ Naga culture, consciousness and its ontological structure through the writings of Easterine Kire?
  • What is the current state of postcolonial studies?
  • How does literature represent catastrophic events? What is slow violence?
  • Is it necessary for a piece of literature to be translated into English in order for it to be world literature? 



  • How do people think and behave with others around?
  • What are we learning about workplace productivity, challenges and solutions?
  • How does culture influence judicial process and legal actors ?
  • How students form judgement about their learning?
  • What personality and cognitive factors influence knowledge and information seeking behaviours in students?




  • What is the ground reality of primary health care service delivery in India?
  • How can we understand the sociological effect of Life style diseases?
  • Why is the crime against the elderly growing in India?
  • How are the business strategies introduced by national and transnational companies being adopted in different domains of our lives?
  • Are the ICT interventions instrumental in social and economic empowerment of women?


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