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The Sociology Discipline began its journey at Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the year 2006. Since then there has been a constant attempt to update the course curriculum and expand its scope. To further enhance outreach, Dr. Mishra has offered a NPTEL online course titled ‘Sociology of Science

Broad areas of research: Social Gerontology, Sociology of Health, Sociology of Work, Sociology of Science and Technology 

  • What is the ground reality of primary health care service delivery in India? 
  • How can we understand the sociological effect of Life style diseases? 
  • Why is the crime against the elderly growing in India? 
  • How are the business strategies introduced by national and transnational companies being adopted in different domains of our lives? 
  • Are the ICT interventions instrumental in social and economic empowerment of women?



PhD in Sociology

The Sociology discipline runs a Ph. D. programme in Sociology. There are three Pre-Ph.D. courses, namely, ‘Sociological Theories’, ‘Sociology of Science’ and ‘Sociology of Indian Society’ which are floated for Doctoral students who register in Sociology each semester. These pre-Ph.D. courses are also open to students of other Doctoral Programmes. As many as four students have been awarded Doctoral degree in Sociology till now. Currently, seven Ph.D. students are registered in Sociology discipline and are working in fields as varied as Ageing, Life style diseases, displacement and resettlement, Information, Communication and Technology.



Anindya J. Mishra, Associate Professor

Gerentology, Health, Work, Science and technology


Ongoing Research Projects



Research Scholars

Current PhD students
Name Interests Supervised by:
Amit Singh Political Sociology A. J. Mishra
Suraj Das Sociology of Health A. J. Mishra
Rohit Khajuria Resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits and Rohingya Muslims A. J. Mishra
Swati Sharma Life style diseases A. J. Mishra
Sudesh Kumar Displacement in Dam projects A. J. Mishra
Elisa Mohanty ICT and female microentrepreneurs A. J. Mishra
Neha Mishra Sociology of Education A. J. Mishra


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