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The discipline of psychology provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of behavior and experience from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The psychology faculty specializes in a wide variety of psychological topics including general, social and organizational psychology. Courses of general interest to undergraduate and doctoral students in the related fields are regularly offered with a pragmatic approach on developing research skills and understanding human behavior in daily life; enhancing relationships, well-being, businesses and their career.

Testing in psychology lab

Psychology Lab: This is a growing resource for those intending to study human behavior, adjustment, relationship, emotion, motivation and cognition. It has a large set of more than 100 tests and facilities to conduct psychological profiling, personality testing and various measurements related to stress, intelligence, child development and organizational psycho-diagnostics. Various qualitative and quantitative software such as NVivo, SPSS, E-PRIME, AMOS, MPlus are actively used by researchers in the department. We are also in the process of developing measurement facilities for psycho-physiological and cognitive measurement.


Broad areas of research: Social psychology, Orgnizational behavior

  • How do people think and behave with others around?
  • What are we learning about workplace productivity, challenges and solutions?
  • How does culture influence judicial process and legal actors ?
  • How students form judgement about their learning?
  • What personality and cognitive factors influence knowledge and information seeking behaviours in students?



PhD in Psychology





Renu Rastogi, Emeritus Fellow

Organizational Behavior Human resource management, Workplace Spirituality,Women Studies


Pooja Garg, Associate Professor

Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Positive Psychology


Ram Manohar Singh, Assistant Professor

Cultural Psychology, Social Psychology, Social Cognition, Intersubjectivity


Ongoing Research Projects

Understanding local court culture and its effect on judicial performance

Investigator: Ram Manohar Singh , Funding agency: IIT Roorkee



Research Scholars

Current PhD students
Name Interests Supervised by
Khyati Kapil   R. Rastogi
Hiranmayakaparthi R.   R. Rastogi
Kannupriya   P. Garg
Sunita Tiwari   P. Garg
Ashwini Kumar  Laterality, Handedness, Information processing R.M. Singh
Deepshikha Paliwal  Personal Epistemology, Meta-cognition, Medical Decision Making  R.M. Singh
Sweta Roy  Values, Career Motivation, Family Life Cycle Stage, Military Psychology R.M. Singh
Mrunali H. Damania  Legal Culture, Motivated Cognition R.M. Singh
Ritesh Kumar  Self, Close Relationship, Marriage R.M. Singh
Shidganesh A. Shastri   Personality, Military Psychology R.M. Singh


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