Singh S. P. - Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Singh S. P.
Sukhpal Singh Professor 91-01332-285337
Areas of Interest
  • Rural Development, Agricultural Economics, Labour Economics, Irrigation & Water Resources , DEA-based Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Rural Development, Agriculture and Labour Economics
Professional Background
2007-01-01OngoingProfessorIIT Roorkee
2001-01-016 years Associate ProfessorIIT Roorke
1996-01-015 years Assistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
Multiple Posts
2008-01-013 years Head of the DepartmentHSS, IIT Roorkee
Educational Details
Ph.D.EconomicsCCS University Meerut1995
M.Phil.EconomicsMeerut University1984
M.A.EconomicsMeerut University1982
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
Management of Rural Development under Decentralised FrameworkAICTE, New Delhi2002-0118 years 7 months
Efficiency and Productivity of Sugar Mills: Application of Non-parametric ModelsMHRD, New Delhi2005-0115 years 7 months
Growing Rural-Urban Disparity in Uttar PradeshNIRD Hyderabad2006-0114 years 7 months
System and Process review and Impact assessment of NREGS in the State of UttarakhandUNDP2009-0111 years 7 months
Concurrent Evaluation of MNREGS in the State of UttarakhandUNDP/MORD2010-0110 years 7 months
Comprehensive Study of Impacts of Investment in Watershed Projects in Uttar PradeshNIRD, Hyderabad2012-018 years 7 months
Participation in seminars
NamePlaceSponsored ByDate
SPRIT 2007, Sustainable and Participative Initiative for Rural Infrastructure TechnologiesGerman House, New DelhiIndo-German Chamber of Commerce2020-08
National Seminar on Making Growth Inclusive with Special Reference to Imbalances in Regional DeveloDepartment of Economics, University of Jammu, Jammu UGC2020-08
National Seminar on ‘One and a half Decades of India’s Economic Reforms: Introspection and FuturDepartment of Economics, Aligarh Muslim University, AligarhIEA2020-08
National Workshop on Rural-Urban Disparity National Institute of Rural Development, HyderabadNIRD2020-08
88th Annual Conference of the Indian Economic AssociationAndhra University, Vishakhapatanam IEA2020-08
47th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour EconomicsJ.N.U. New DelhiISLE2020-08
11th International Conference on Productivity and Quality ResearchIndian Institute of Technology Delhi IIT Delhi2020-08
NIRD Foundation Day Seminar on “Rural Development and Social Change”, HyderabadNational Institute of Rural Development, HyderabadNIRD2020-08
International conference on Employment and Income Security in IndiaIndia International Centre New DelhiIHD, New Delhi2020-08
National seminar on Costs and Distribution of benefits of Planning in India: A Review and Search forGarh Basai near Alwar RajasthanIPEA2020-08
National Meeting on "Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Rural Livelihood”Hari Singh Gaur University Sagar Madhya Pradesh-2020-08
46th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour EconomicsInstitute of Development Studies, JaipurISLE2020-08
Workshop on Developing Course Curriculum on Human Development for teaching in graduate and post-gradGiri Institute of Development Studies, LucknowIHD2020-08
National seminar on “Issues in Human Development”GB Pant Social Science Institute Allahabad-2020-08
National Seminar on Rural Development and Administration in 21st Century KU, Kurukshetra and HIRD, Nilokheri, HaryanaHIRD & KU2020-08
Annual conference on “Globalisation, State and the Weaker SectionsGB Pant Social Science Institute AllahabadIPEA2020-08
45th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour EconomicsJadavpur University Kolcata ISLE2020-08
National Seminar on “Strategies for the Capacity Buildings of the Civil Society OrganizationsIndian Social Institute,New DelhiICSSR2020-08
National Conference on Human Values in Technical EducationIIT Roorkee-2002-01
42nd Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour Economics Jabalpur University, JabalpurISLE2020-08
43rd Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour Economics Institute of Economic and Social Change, Banglore ISLE2020-08
National Seminar on "Structure of Employment and its Interface with Technology: Present Status and PDept. of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Delhi-2020-08
An ILO supported consultative workshop on "Employment and Labour Market Reforms in IndiaInstitute of Applied Manpower Research, New DelhiISLE, IHD and IAMR 2020-08
44th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour Economics Punjab School of Economics, GND University Amritsar ISLE2020-08
National Symposium on Stochastic Modelling & Operations ManagementDept. of Statistics & Operational Research, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra-2020-08
National Seminar on "Economic Reform and Poverty AlleviationC. C. S. University, MeerutUGC2020-08
41st Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour EconomicsIGIDR, MumbaiISLE2020-08
International Conference on Operations Management for Globalised EconomyIIT, New Delhi -2020-08
40th Annual conference of Indian society of Labour EconomicsUniversity of HyderabadISLE2020-08
Annual Conference of Indian Political Economy Association M.D. University RohtakIPEA2020-08
Workshop on "Patent and Intellectual Property Rights AwarenessUniversity of Roorkee -2020-08
National Workshop on " Rural transformation in India: The Role of Non-Farm SectorIndia Habitat Centre, New DelhiPlanning Commission2020-08
National Conference on "IPR Issues and Opportunities in Research and EducationIIT, Roorkee -2020-08
National Workshop on " Estimation of Cost of Production of Principal CropsVigyan Bhavan, New DelhiCommission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, Government of India2020-08
National Seminar on “ Deprivation and Inclusive Development: Options and Strategies for Uttar PradGiri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow-2020-08
National Seminar on “ Strategies for Strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions"Haryana Institute of Rural Development, Nilokheri, HaryanaHIRD2020-08
89th Annual Conference of the Indian Economic AssociationKurukshetra University, Kurukshetra HaryanaIEA2020-08
48th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour EconomicsBharthidasan UniversityISLE2020-08
39th Annual conference of Indian Society of Labour EconomicsTrevendarumISLE2020-08
National Seminar on Fifty Years of Indian Independence: A Critical Appraisal Indian Centre for Socialist Studies, Ghaziabad -2020-08
National Seminar on Rural employment in punjab: Challenges and StrategiesPunjab School of Economics, GND University AmritsarUGC2020-08
National Seminar on Rural Development: Retrospect and ProspectHIRD, HaryanaHIRD2020-08
National Seminar on Emerging Challenges in the Post-reform PeriodHIRD, HaryanaHIRD2020-08
  • The Indian Economic Association, Life Member
  • The Indian Society of Labour Economics, Life Member
  • Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, Life Member
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Date
Rural - Urban Migration: Determinants and Consequences, With Special Reference to IranHadi GhaffariO2020-08
Energy Technologies for Agricultural Pumping: An Assessment of Users' Choices Rakesh Kumar AgrawalO2020-08
Assessment of Efficiency and productivity of public transport Sector Through DEA TechniquesShivi AgrawalO2020-08
Transitions in occupational and Educational Mobility and Associated Dynamics in IndiaChandan KumarO2020-08
Efficiency Measurement of Education Sector in India Through DEAPreeti TyagiO2020-08
Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of the Indian Garment IndustryR N JoshiO2020-08
Performance Assessment of Textile Spinning Mills through Data Envelopment Analysis P.G. SolankarO2020-08
Inter-state Disparity in Agricultural Development in IndiaAMU, Aligarh 2020-08
Books Authored

Growing Rural-Urban Disparity in Uttar Pradesh

By: Sharma S S P and Singh S P

Published by:Serials Publications, New Delhi, Year: 2012

Planning and Management for Rural Development
By: Singh S.P.
Published by: Mittal Publications, New Delhi Page No: 256 (Vol ISBN 81-7099-906-5) year: 2003

Post WTO Era: Impact on Export Prospects of Livestock Products
By: Singh S.P.
Published by: NABARD, Mumbai Page No: 132 (Vol Occasional Paper-32) year: 2004

Refereed Journal Papers

Published in Refereed Journals

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