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Pathak, M.K.
M.K. Pathak Associate Professor mukesfee[at] 01332-285220
Areas of Interest
  • Power Electronics and Electric Drives, Electric Vehicle, Solar PV Systems, Control of Electric Motors and Power Converters
Professional Background
2012till dateAssociate ProfessorIIT ROORKEE
20072012Assistant ProfessorIIT ROORKEE
19892007Associate Professor/ Assistant Professor/LecturerNIT HAMIRPUR
Educational Details
Ph.DControl of Permanent Magnet Motor DrivesIndian Institue of Technology Delhi2005
Master of TechnologyPower Electronics, Electrical Machines and DrivesIndian Institue of Technology Delhi1995
Bachelor of EngineeringElectrical EngineeringL D Engineering College, Gujarat University Ahmedabad1987
Administrative Background
20142018Associate Dean Infra (E&AC)IIT ROORKEE
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Development of Virtual Electrical Machine Lab.MHRD2009
TPQA of Electrical Works -Redevelopment of Canaught PlaceNDMC New Delhi2013
  • IEEE, Senior Member
  • Institute of Engineers (India), Fellow
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Advanced Power Electronics EEN-540M.Tech. and PhDAutumn
Utilization and Traction EEN-363B.Tech.Spring
Power Electronic Controlled Electric DrivesEE-640M.Tech. and PhDSpring
Engineering Analysis and Design EEN-291B.Tech.Autumn
Advanced Electric DrivesEE-542M.Tech. and PhDSpring
Drive System in Electric TractionEE – 646 M.Tech. and PhDAutumn
Electrical Machines-IIEEN – 303B.Tech.Autumn
Electromagnetic Field TheoryEE – 204B.Tech.Autumn
Electrical Fields and CircuitsEE – 201B.Tech.Autumn
Microprocessors and Peripheral DevicesEE-307B.Tech.Autumn
Switch Mode Power SupplyEE – 552 M.Tech. and PhDSpring
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Sustainable Energy Strategy of India- A Comprehensive EvaluationRudra RameshwarA2007
Investigations on Inverter fed Induction Motor DriveG. Durga SukumarA2008
Investigations on Sensorless Vector Control of MLI fed Induction Motor DriveGiribabu DyanaminaA2009
Improved Power Converter for Distributed Photo voltaic Generation System Aurobinda PandaA2009
Investigations on the Soft Computing Techniques in Shunt Active Filterskishor Kumar PedapenkiA2010
Modeling and Control of DC-DC ConvertersMan Mohan GargA2011
Power Quality Improvement using Modular D-STATCOMYarlagadda Srinivasa RaoA2012
Integrated Converter for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Ankit Kumar SinghA2014
Improved Power Quality Transformerless Power Converters for Solar PV SystemDogga RaveendhraO2014
Direct Power Control of Induction Motor DrivesHarshit MohanO2017
Control of Multiphase Induction Motor for EV ApplicationManoj Kumar ChaudhuryO2017
Investigation on voltage regulation and current sharing in dc microgridRohit KumarO2017
Smart GridWajahat KhanO2018
Electric VehicleNitish SharmaO2019
Participation in short term courses
Couse NameSponsored ByDate
Multi-Level Inverter and its Applications QIP, IITR30-12-2013
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
4th National Power Electronics ConferenceDST10-6-2010
Books Authored

Electric Machines, Mulukutla S. Sarma and Mukesh K. Pathak, 2008, Cengage Learning.

Refereed Journal Papers
  1.          Singh A.K and Pathak M.K, “Single Phase Bidirectional AC/DC Converter for Plug-in Electric Vehicle with                    Reduced Conduction Losses”, IET Power Electron., 2018, Vol. 11 Iss. 1, pp. 140-148.
  1.            Singh A.K and Pathak M.K, “Single-stage ZETA-SEPIC-based multifuctional integrated converter for plug-in               electric vehicle”, IET Electr. Syst. Transp., 2018, Vol. 8 Iss. 2, pp. 101-111.
  1.             Ankit Kumar Singh and Mukesh Kumar Pathak, “A Multi-Functional Single-Stage Power Electronic Interface              for Plug-In Electric Vehicles Application”,  Electric Power Componenets and Systems, 2018, vol. 46, issue 2,              pp. 135-148.
  1.             Y. Srinivasa Rao and M. K. Pathak, “Model Predictive Control for Three-Level Cascaded H-bridge D-                          STATCOM”, IETE Journal of Research, 2018, pp.1-12.
  1.              Srinivasa Rao Y and Mukesh Kumar Pathak, “ A capacitor voltage balancing scheme for a single-phase                   cascaded H-bridge STATCOM”, Electric Power Components and Systems (accepted).
  1.              Garg, M.M and Pathak M.K, “Mathematical Modeling of Non-Ideal Zeta Converter Using Tags in                                 MATLAB/Simulink”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, pp. 331-335,                   Vol. 6 (4), 2017.
  1.              Yarlagadda, S.R. and Pathak M.K, “A Zero Sequence Voltage Injection Method for Cascaded H-Bridge D-                    STATCOM”, Journal of Power Electronics, pp. 1088-1096, Vol. 17 (4), 2017.
  1.                Panda, A, Pathak M.K and Srivastava, S.P. “Enhanced Power Quality Based Single Phase Photovoltaic                     Distributed Generation System”, International Journal of Electronics, pp. 1262-1278, Vol.103 (8), 2016.
  1.                Giribabu Dyanamina, Mukesh Kumar Pathak and Satya Prakash Srivastava “ Parallel Stator Resistance                   Estimator using Neural Networks for Rotor Flux Based Model Reference Adaptive System Speed                                 Observer”, Electric Power Components and Systems, pp. 658-672, Vol. 44 (6), 2016.
  1.                Kishore Kumar Pedapenki, SP Gupta and Mukesh Kumar Pathak, “Shunt Active Power Filter with                             MATLAB and D’SPACE 1104 Verification”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, pp.                         4085- 4090, Vol. 11 (6), 2016.
  1.                 Panda Aurobinda, Pathak M.K and Srivastava, S.P. “A Single Phase Photovoltaic Inverter Control for Grid                  Connected System” Indian Academy of Sciences Sadhana, pp. 15-30, Vol. 41 (1), 2016.
  1.                 Man Mohan Garg, Mukesh Kumar Pathak and Yogesh Vijay Hote, “Effect of Non-idealities on the Design                   and Performance of a DC-DC Buck Converter”, Journal of Power Electronics, pp. 832-839, Vol. 16, No. 3,                   May 2016.
  1.                  Man Mohan Garg, Yogesh Vijay Hote and Mukesh Kumar Pathak, “Design and Performance Analysis of                   a PWM dc–dc Buck Converter Using PI–Lead Compensator”, Arabian Journal for Science and                                     Engineering, pp. 3607-3626, Vol. 40 (12),  2015.
  1.                  Man Mohan Garg, Yogesh V Hote, Mukesh K Pathak, “ Notes on Small Signal Analysis of Energy Factor                   and Mathematical Modeling for Power DC-DC”, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, pp. 3848, Vol.                     29 (7), July 2014.
  1.                 G Durgasukumar and Mukesh Kumar Pathak, “Performance Improvement of Indirect Vector Controlled                       Induction Motor Drive using Multi-Level Inverter”, International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion,                     pp. 155-171, Vol.5 (2), 2014.
  1.                 Panda, A, Pathak, M.K and Srivastava S.P, “Solar Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive for                          Industrial Applications”, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, pp. 794-802, Vol. 3 (4),                          2013.
  1.                 Giribabu Dyanamina, Satya Prakash Srivastava, Mukesh Kumar Pathak “ Rotor Flux-Based MRAS for                      Three Level Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive using Fuzzy Logic Controller”, International Journal of                           Power Electronics, pp. 463-478, Vol. 4 (5), 2012.
  1.                  G Durgasukumar and M K Pathak, “Indirect Vector Control Induction Motor Drive Performance under Low                    Speed”, Journal of Electrical Systems, pp. 338-347, Vol. 8 (3), 2012.
  1.                    G Durgasukumar and Mukesh Kumar Pathak, “Neuro-Fuzzy-Based Torque Ripple Reduction and                              Performance Improvement of VSI fed Induction Motor Drive”, International Journal of Bio-Inspired                                Computation, pp. 63-72, Vol. 4 (2), 2012.
  1.                      G Durgasukumar and Mukesh Kumar Pathak, “Neuro-Fuzzy-Based Space Vector Modulation for THD                       Reduction in VSI fed Induction Motor Drive”, International Journal of Power Electronics, pp. 160-180,                           Vol. 4 (2), 2012.
  1.                      G Durgasukumar and M.K Pathak, “Comparison of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy-Based Space-Vector                                   Modulation for Two-Level Inverter”, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, pp. 9-                         19, Vol. 38 (1), 2012.
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  1.                       Rameshwar R, Agrawal R, Pathak M.K, “Review of state electricity boards and Indian energy sector: A                        case study”, International Energy Journal, pp. 101-110, Vol. 11 (2), 2010.
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