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Conferences, Seminar, Symposia & Workshops


Name of Faculty Name of the Conference/ Seminar/ Symposia/ Workshop Place Dates
A. K. Pant S. Mukherjee Rajendra Prasad National System Conference Vellore Institute of Technology(VIT), Vellore Dec.16-18, 2004
H.K. Verma IGHEM – 2004, International Lucerne, Switzerland Jul. 14-16, 2004
H.K. Verma Conference for Innovation in Hydraulic Efficiency Measurement Workshop on Performance Testing of SHP Stations AHEC IIT Roorkee Oct. 7 – 9, 2004
H.O. Gupta Seminar organized by Voltech. Instruments Ltd., UK in New Delhi New Delhi Sept.3, 2004
H.O. Gupta Field Programme Ka System on Chip GOSPL –2004 New Delhi Oct.30, 2004
H.O. Gupta NPSC-2004 IIT, Chennai Dec.28, 2004 to Jan.2, 2005
S.P. Gupta IEEE sponsored International Conference on “Multi-disciplinary Aspects of Engg.” Pune Institute of Eng. and Technology, Pune Jan.7-8, 2005
S.P. Gupta IEEE sponsored National Conf. on“Power Engg. Practice and Energy Management” TIET, Patiala Jan.28-29, 2005
S.P. Singh and S. Kumar National Conf. on Power & Dynamical System IIT, Mumbai Jan.27-28,2005
Vinod Kumar Workshop on Multi Services Smart Cards organized by IBM Dehradun   Jul. 8, 2005
Vinod Kumar 8 th National Conference on e-Governance Bhubaneswar Feb.3-4, 2005
Vinod Kumar Non-invasive Meas. of peripheral Blood flow and Cardiac Output Lucknow Feb.18-19, 2004
Workshop on Application of Power Electronics IIT Delhi March 29-30, 2005



Short term Courses


Name of Faculty Name of the Courses Place Dates
Vinod Kumar
Faculty Dev. Programme IIT Roorkee May 11-15, 2004
Vinod Kumar Performance Testing of SHP Station IIT Roorkee Dec. 7-11, 2004
Pramod Agarwal Embedded Controller Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Roorkee Feb. 2005