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Solid State Laboratory

This laboratory caters to the requirements for both UG and PG students in the subject area of semiconductor materials / devices characterization and measurements. It is equipped with a vacuum evaporator, polishing machine, annealing furnace and characterization systems. In addition, as part of UG lab it has experimental setups for conducting basic studies on material and device characteristics.

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Facilities in the Solid State Lab

  1. Various experimental kits for device characterization like four probe, pn junction characteristics, hall effect, h parameter measurement etc.
  2. Fabrication of two terminal devices, characterization.
  3. Tubular furnace setup (0 - 1000 oC)
  4. Vaccum coater for metallization
  5. Spin coater
  6. Keithley IV system
  7. Wayne Kerr LCR system for C-V characterization


Research Activities

  1. Two terminal MOS capacitor with high K-dielectric and its reliability study
  2. III-V Schottky diodes and its characteristics modeling
  3. Modeling and Reliability study of Si nano wire transistors