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Manhas, Sanjeev
Sanjeev Manhas Associate Professor samanfec[at] +91-1332-285147
Areas of Interest
  • Nanoscale devices and circuits, Nanowire MOSFET modeling and circuit design
  • 3D NAND , Performance Enhancement of NAND Memories
  • MEMs, Cantilever based MEMs and applications
  • Reliability, MOS device reliability
  • Nano scale DRAM, Novel Techniques for Improving Refresh and Reliability
  • Sensors, CNT based sensors
  • Nanofabrication, Nanoscale CMOS process and VLSI technologies
Professional Background
2014To dateAssociate Professor IIT Roorkee
20082014Assistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
20072008Senior Research EngineerInstitute of Microelectronics, Singapore
20032007Member Technical StaffMicron(Tech Semiconductor) Technology, Singapore/USA
20022003Research FellowDe Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Educational Details
Ph. D.Electronics and Electrical EngineeringDe Montfort University, Leicester, UK2003
M. Tech.Solid State TechnologyIIT Madras1996
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Si Nanowire CMOS for Ultra High Density CircuitsFIG2009
Investigation of Silicon nanowire FET reliability and its modelingDST2012
Design and Development of Carbon Nanotubes Based Chemical SensorDRDO2011
Implementation of TIDE scheme for Entrepreneurship DevelopmentMeitY 2016
Scheme of Financial Assistance for setting up of Electronics and ICT Academies, DeitYMeitY 2016
Establishment of TBI at IIT RoorkeeDST2017
FIST (Profilometer and PECVD systems for Microelectronics Lab) DST2016
Development of microfluidics based device to detect CTCsSMILE 2017
  • IEEE Electron Device Society, Member
  • IEEE Solid State Circuits Society, Member
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Analysis of Si-nanowire GAA MOSFET and its Implementation in Logic DesignGaurav KaushalA2008
Performance Models for Nanoscale VLSI CircuitsBaljit KaurA2009
Vertical Nanowire Based CMOS Circuit DesignMaheshwaram SatishA2010
Carbon Nanotube Interconnects for VLSIManoj Kumar MajumderA2010
Concurrent Multi-band Oscillators for Multifunctional Wireless SystemsL SnehalathaO2011
Silicon Nanowire Based Circuit Design and NBTI ReliabilityOm PrakashO2013
Fabrication and Characterization of Vibrational Energy Harvesters Sandeep Singh ChauhanO2013
Carbon Nanotube Devices for Sensor ApplicationsNarendra KumarO2014
Charge Trap Based SONOS/MONOS Devices for 3D NAND Flash Memory ApplicationsUpendra Mohan BhattO2014
Design, Analysis and Optimization of DRAM TransistorSatendra Kumar GuatamO2015
Reliability of Gallium-Nitride Based High Electron Mobility Transistors and Circuits Sourabh JindalO2015
Nanomaterials Based Biosensors for detection of pathogens and Small MoleculesPardeep KumarO2015
Refereed Journal Papers
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  2. M. M. De Souza, J. Wang, S. Manhas, E. M. Sankara Narayanan, A.S. Oates, “A Comparison of Early Stage Hot Carrier Degradation Behaviour in 5 and 3 V Sub-micron Low Doped Drain Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors,” Microelectronics Reliab., Vol. 44, No. 2, p. 169, Feb. 2001.
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