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Microelectronics Lab
Recently setup clean room lab with class 1000 yellow room for lithography
Lab facilities:
  • Thin film deposition (sputter and ebeam), cleaning, wet etching (laminar flow wet betch), photolithography (1um laser write, 8000rm spin coater, baking), characterization (reflectometry system, and  microscope), furnace for oxidation and doping

     Class 1000 yellow room for photolithography                          Probe station



    Sputter and e-beam deposition systems                                   Laser writer



• Mtech/Phd Student started projects on fabrication of devices such as MEMs, MOSFETs, III-V devices, CNT   sensors, device reliability



• Currently fabrication capability is limited by good doping and etching systems, lab infrastructure;  plan to be procure in future.