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Consequent upon the above agreement, the foundation stone was laid down on June 16,1964 by his Excellency Mr. Klas Book, the then Ambassador of the Royal Swedish Government in India. The Royal Swedish Government had supplied the material, equipment, spares and personnel as per the above agreement.

Fellowships for 10 Indian teachers was provided for their training in Sweden. Mr. Gustaffson arrived in February,1965 as Chief Technical Adviser, and took over from Mr. W.G.Skold, who had been looking after the duties of Chief Technical Adviser till that time. Mr. F.Ederby replaced Mr. Gustaffson as Chief Technical Adviser in 1967 and he along with 5 other Advisers left in 1970, after the 5 years contract. The services of the following advisers were made available in the initial stages.

1. Mr. B.Andrasson

2. Mr. Svensen

3. Mr. Berequiste

4. Mr. S.Lagergrain

5. Mr. L.E.Andersson

6. Mr. Lindquist

7. Mr. Frangsmyer

8. Mr. Bertilson.

Mr. Gunnar Heckschar, the then Swedish Ambassador, visited the Institute on 16.02.1970 and was greatly impressed by the achievements and developments of this Institute during the period.