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The agreement had the following main considerations:

1. The School shall offer courses in the following fields:
(a) Pulp & Paper Manufacture
(b) Instrument Engineering for paper industry
(c) Operation and maintenance of plant and equipment for paper industry.
(d) Pulp and Paper Laboratory techniques.

2. The school shall render consultative and advisory services to the industry. It may also conduct special courses for workers in the paper industry.

3. The School shall be operated under the authority of the Government of India.

4. The School shall be organized and operated in accordance with the plans to be prepared by the Government of India in consultation with the Royal Swedish Government.

5. The School shall be set up as an autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act of India. The administration and management of the School shall be vested with a Governing body set up by the Government of India.

6. The administration of the School, shall be in the charge of Principal, appointed by the Governing Body, which may delegate any of its powers to the Principal. The principal, will be guided by the Swedish Chief Advisor in all matters relating to the educational and technical management of the School.

7. The School shall give full consideration to the advise of the Swedish experts serving at the school in all technical and academic matters.

8. The school shall operate in such a way as to provide for the training of technical personnel required by the paper industry. The personnel provided by the Royal Swedish Government would in the course of their work make every effort to impart training to the Indian Staff in the methods, techniques, and practices of their work, so that the Indian personnel can, at the termination of this agreement take over completely the technical and operational functions from the Swedish personnel.

9. All material, property and equipment supplied by the Royal Swedish Government shall be handed over to the Government of India, at the School and shall become and remain the property of the Government of India and shall be placed at the disposal of the School.

10. The Royal Swedish Government shall supply the following personnel:
(a) One Chief Advisor
(b) Five Technical Instructors The Swedish personnel shall stay as long as their services are required by the Governing body.

11. Provisions shall be made for the studies and training of Indian personnel at Sweden.

12. The Royal Swedish Government shall supply machinery and equipment worth Rs.15 lakhs.

13. The Government of India will provide the following:
(a) Principal and other instructors for teaching
(b) All auxiliary personnel need for the school
(c) A suitable site for the school
(d) Buildings and other equipment
(e) Hostel and Mess facilities for the trainees
(f) Housing facilities for Swedish Experts, and others
(g) Recurring expenses for running of the School

14. This agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years unless terminated earlier, by giving one year's notice in writing to the other, of its intention to terminate the agreements.