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Early History of Department of Management Studies

At IIT Roorkee, education stretches beyond classroom sessions. The emphasis is on creating an environment for students to explore, experiment, discover and realize their potential.

In order to achieve this a number of activities have been evolved for the students of the Department targeted at developing in them the traits of teamwork, trustworthiness and to create in them the ability to synchronize their individual objectives with the group objectives.

Students also assist the academic coordinator in scheduling all academic activities, tests, exams, faculty evaluation, attendance, discipline, faculty coordination, course restructuring and so on.

The cultural society provides students with ample opportunity to relax. In the form of the Literary Club, Dramatics Club and Music Club, the students pursue their hobbies and take a break from their academic pursuits. Numerous quizzes, contests and parties are organized to increase interaction between students and to foster all round development.