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Sujata Kar
Sujata Kar Assistant Professor s.karfdm[at]
Areas of Interest
  • Economics, Macro, monetary and financial economics
Educational Details
PhDEconomicsIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur
M.A.EconomicsJawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
B.Sc.Economics (Hons.)University of Calcutta
Books Authored

Indian WPI Inflation: Modelling The Headline and The Core – Lambert Academic          Publishing: Germany, 2012.

Refereed Journal Papers
  1. Bawre, Snehal, and Kar, S. Social Media and Financial Literacy: A Study on Indian Financial Institutions. Accepted in International Journal of Economics and Business Research.
  2. Bawre, Snehal and Kar, S. 2019. An Investigation of the Demographic Factors affecting Financial Literacy and its Components among Urban Indians. International Journal of Economic Education and Development. Vol. 10 (4), 398 – 426.
  3. Hafeez, A. & Kar, S. (December 31, 2018). Looking beyond the Financial Numbers: Relationship between Macroeconomic Indicators and the Likelihood of Financial Distress. Global Business Review. Available at
  4. Kar, Sujata, and Khandelwal, P. 2017. “Cross Hedging ATF Price Exposures in India” – accepted IIMB Management Review.
  5. Hafeez, Ammar and Sujata Kar, 2017. A VAR Approach to Estimate Financial Conditions Index for India. Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 12, No. 13, pp. 53 – 75.
  6. Kar, Sujata, 2013. “Exploring the Causal Link between FDI and Human Capital Development in India” – Decision(Springer) Vol. 40, No. 1, pp. 3 – 13.
  7. Mishra, Anindya J., and Sujata Kar, 2013. “Broader Social Implication of the Strategies of Business Corporations” – International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, (Inderscience) Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 213 – 225.
  8. Kar, Sujata, 2010. “A Periodic Autoregressive Model of Indian WPI Inflation” – Margin-The Journal of Applied Economic Research, (Sage) Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 279 – 292.
  9. Kar, Sujata, 2010. “UCM: A Measure of Core Inflation” – International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, (Inderscience) Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 248 – 269.
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