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Participation In Conferences/Seminars/Symposia/Workshop/Guest Lectures During 2013-2014

Participation of faculty members in Conf./Seminar/Symp./ Workshop during 2013-2014

Name of Faculty      

Name of Conf./Seminar/Symp./ Workshop attended



Prof. Ravi Bhushan

Science  Innovation Camp sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi

Thapar University, Patiala

2 April, 2013

Prof. Ravi Bhushan

National Conference on Innovative Molecules for Sustainable Future, Keynote Address

Thapar University, Patiala

24-26th October, 2013

Prof. Anil Kumar

2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Materials Science and Engineering                              


Las Vegas,USA

7-9 October, 2014

Prof. Anil Kumar

National Conference on Recent Developments in Chemical Sciences          

GJUS&T, Hissar

25 February, 2014

Prof. Anil Kumar

Science Colloquium Emerging Trends in Basic and Applied Sciences

DAV College, Jalandhar

6th March, 2014

Prof. Mala Nath

Modern Trends in Inorganic Chemistry-MTIC-XV

IIT Roorkee

13-16, December 2013

Prof. Udai P Singh

Modern Trends in Inorganic Chemistry-MTIC-XV

IIT Roorkee

13-16, December 2013

R.K. Peddinti

AvH Conference on Third Pole Demands Protection (HOPE-2013)


Kumaun Univ, Nainital, Uttarakhand

Sept12-14, 2013

R.K. Peddinti

National Symposium on Frontiers in Organic Chemistry



School of Chem., Univ. of Hyderabad

Oct 11-12, 2013

R.K. Peddinti

National Conference on Chirality

Deptt of Chem., M.S. Univ. of Baroda

Dec 7-8, 2013

R.K. Peddinti

National Symposium on Org Synthesis & Advanced Materials


Mar 1-2, 2014

Dr. R.K. Dutta

Third International conference on applications of radiotracers and                      energetic beams in sciences



12-18 Jan, 2014

Dr. R.K. Dutta

DAE-BRNS fifth Symposium on                     Nuclear Analytical Chemistry (NAC-V)


BARC, Mumbai

20-24 Jan 2014

Dr. Kaushik Ghosh

Indo-French Seminar on Bio-inorganic Approaches to Current Health Problems

Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

24-28 March, 2014

Dr. Kaushik Ghosh

4thAsian Conference on coordination chemistry (ACCC-4)

Jeju, Korea

4-7 November 2013

Dr. Tapas Mandal

Novel Correlated Electronic Materials

IIT Roorkee

8 March, 2014

Dr. Anuj Sharma

International Conference and exhibition on pharmacognosy phytochemistry and natural products


21-23 October, 2013