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Meet IIT Roorkee Chemistry Alumni

Research presentations of the alumni of the Chemistry Department, IIT Roorkee


Shibdas Banerjee

Prof. Shibdas Banerjee

Ambient Mass Spectrometry: From Organic Reactions to Disease Diagnosis


Prof. Mahesh Gangishetty

Optoelectronic Materials and Devices for Energy Conversion

Sayantan Paria

Prof. Sayantan Paria

High-Valent Metal-Oxygen Species in Biological Oxygenation Reactions

Anil Kumar

Prof. Anil Kumar

Exploring Carbaporphyrinods: meta-Benziporphodimethene

Vivek Sharma

Dr. Vivek Sharma

Highly-sensitive simultaneous pressure and bending detection based on multiscale mesoporous structure with enhanced linearity

Subhabrata Mukhopadhyay

Dr. Subhabrata Mukhopadhyay

Designing of MOF based Functional Material for Sustainable Energy Harnessing

Kanchan Aggarwal

Kanchan Aggarwal

Synthesis and Applications of Light Mediated control over metalloenzymes in in vitro and in vivo systems

Dr. Shashikant Kadam

Dr. Shashikant Kadam

Unravelling reaction mechanisms of heterogeneously catalyzed reactions: Application of Operando spectroscopy and exploiting the environment around the active site

Narain Karedla

Dr. Narain Karedla

Single-molecule metal-induced energy transfer (smMIET): From basics to applications

Biplab Manna

Dr. Biplab Manna

Responsive facets of Ionic MOFs

Gourab Banerjee

Dr. Gourab Banerjee

Substitution of the D1-N87 site in photosystem II of cyanobacteria mimics the chloride-binding characteristics and pH-dependent activity of spinach photosystem II

Sumit Saha

Dr. Sumit Saha

High Nuclearity Bimetallic Transition Metal Cluster Complexes for Small Molecule Activation

Arijit Mallick

Dr. Arijit Mallick

Crystalline Porous Materials for detection of toxic amines

Ashish Kulkarni

Dr. Ashish Kulkarni

Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Solar Cells: Strategies to Address Low Open-Circuit Voltage and Lead-Toxicity Issues

Amit Kumar

Dr. Amit Kumar

Catalytic (De)hydrogenation for Applications in Hydrogen Storage and Plastic Recycling

Chanchal Haldar

Prof. Chanchal Haldar

Heterogeneous oxidation of small organic molecules catalyzed by transition metals: Impact of the metal center and solid support

Saurabh Mehta

Prof. Saurabh Mehta

Synthesis and Studies of Biologically Important Heterocyclic Compounds

Anuj K. Sharma

Prof. Anuj K. Sharma

Multifunctional Inorganic Systems for Biomedical Applications

Tarun Gupta

Prof. Tarun Gupta

Role of a Chemist in Understanding andMitigating Current Air Pollution Problems

Anubhav Saxena

Dr. Anubhav Saxena

Career options for Chemists in Industry

Nitin Kumar Singhal

Dr. Nitin Kumar Singhal

Nanotechnology Applications in Food Products Bacterial Sensing and Metabolic Disorder

Venkatesh Tunuguntla

Dr. Venkatesh Tunuguntla

A comprehensive work on emerging photovoltaic material for solar cell application: A curious case of Kesterites

Debapratim Das

Prof. Debapratim Das

Supramolecular Aggregates: The Surprise Continues

Amit Kumar

Dr. Amit Kumar

Craftsmanship at Nanoscale: Application-Oriented Designs of Catalytic Nanoreactors

Dibyendu Kumar Das

Prof. Dibyendu Kumar Das

Understanding Virus’s Fusion machinery at Molecular Level


Tentative technical program

Morning | 10:45 AM

Inaugural Session
Chief Guest: Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee
Special Guest: Prof. Bola Ram Gurjar, DORA, IIT Roorkee
Chairperson: Prof. M. R. Maurya
Speaker: Prof. Shibdas Banerjee, IISER, Tirupati
Speaker: Dr. Ashish Kulkarni, Post-doctoral fellow, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany

Evening | 04:00 PM

Speaker: Dr. Amit Kumar, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, School of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews, UK
Speaker: Dr. Sumit Saha, Senior Scientist, Materials Chemistry Department, CSIR-Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology, Bhubaneswar
Chairperson: Prof. Naseem Ahmed

Morning | 11:00 AM

Speaker: Dr. Arijit Mallick, JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Kyushu University, Japan 
Speaker: Dr. Biplab Manna, JSPS postdoctoral Fellow, University of Tokyo, Japan
Chairperson: Prof. Prasenjit Kar

Evening | 04:00 PM

Speaker: Dr. Subhabrata Mukhopadhyay, Post-doctoral fellow, Ben-Gurion University, Negev, Israel
Speaker: Prof. Anil Kumar, Delhi Technological University, New Delhi
Chairperson: Prof. Tapas K. Mandal

Morning | 11:00 AM

Speaker: Dr. Gourab Banerjee, Associate, McKinsey & Company, USA
Speaker: Dr. Kanchan Aggarwal, Ph.D. Student, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Chairperson: Prof. M. Sankar

Evening | 04:00 PM

Speaker: Dr. Narain Karedla, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, University of Oxford, UK
Speaker: Prof. Krishna Gavvala, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Hyderabad
Chairperson: Prof. C. N. Ramachandran

Morning | 11:00 AM

Speaker: Prof. Sayantan Paria, Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi
Speaker: Prof. Debapritam Das, Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati
Chairperson: Prof. Kalyan K. Sadhu

Evening | 04:00 PM

Speaker: Prof. Mahesh Gangishetty, Department of Chemistry, Mississippi State University, USA
Speaker: Dr. Saurabh Mehta , Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Delhi Technological University
Chairperson: Prof. R. K. Dutta

Morning | 11:00 AM

Speaker: Prof. Chanchal Haldar, Department of Chemistry, IIT-ISM, Dhanbad
Speaker: Prof. Anuj K. Sharma, Department of Chemistry, Central University of Rajasthan
Chairperson: Prof. Debasis Banerjee
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Evening | 04:00 PM

Speaker: Dr. Vivek Sharma, Post-doctoral Researcher, Postdoctoral Researcher, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Speaker: Dr. Nitin Kumar Singhal, Scintist E, National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Punjab
Chairperson: Prof. Dheeraj Kumar
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Morning | 11:00 AM

Speaker: Prof. Tarun Gupta, N C Nigam Chair Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur
Speaker: Dr. Amit Kumar, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea
Chairperson: Prof. Pallavi Debnath

Evening | 04:00 PM

Speaker: Dr. Anubhav Saxena, R&D President, Pidilite Industries Limited, Mumbai
Speaker: Prof. Dibyendu Kumar Das, Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering, IIT Kanpur
Speaker: Dr. Venkatesh Tunuguntla, Laboratory for Photovoltaics, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Chairperson: Prof. Ravi Bhusan

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