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Partha Pratim Roy
Partha Pratim Roy Assistant Professor proy.fcs[at] +91-1332-284816 Website
Areas of Interest
  • Pattern Recognition, Multilingual Text Recognition, Biometrics
  • Computer Vision, Image Segmentation
  • Bio-Signal Analysis, EEG based Pattern Analysis
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Temporal Data Analysis
Professional Background
2014OngoingAssistant ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Sep, 2013Jul, 2014Chief EngineerSamsung Research Institute, Noida
Jan, 2013Sep, 2013Postdoctoral Research FellowSynchromedia Lab, Canada
Nov, 2010Nov, 2012Postdoctoral Research FellowRFAI Lab, France
20032005Assistant System EngineerTATA Consultancy Services
Honors and Awards
"Top 10%" papers at ICIP 2014International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), France2014
PhDAGAUR (Government of Catalunya), Spain2010
Best Student PaperInternational Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2009), Spain2009
Educational Details
PhDComputer Science & EngineeringAutonomous University of Barcelona, Spain2010
MSComputer Science & EngineeringAutonomous University of Barcelona, Spain2006
B.Tech.Computer Science & EngineeringUniversity of Kalyani2002
Administrative Background
2018Till DateChairman, Department Academic Program CommitteeIndian Institure of Technology, Roorkee
2015Till dateAssociated FacultyInstitute Computer Center, IIT Roorkee
20162019OC ExaminationIIT Roorkee
20172019OC BTPIIT Roorkee
20152017OC LibraryIIT Roorkee
20152018OC Training & PlacementIIT Roorkee
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Tracking Depression and Elucidating its Mechanisms using Cognitive Neuroscience, EEG, and MLSPARC2019
Non-f lamentary three -Terminal Memristor Architecture for Bio-mimetic and Logic DesignSPARC2019
160 Channel EEG deviceSMILE, IITR2018
End-to-End Emotional Speech SynthesisSamsung2018
Automatic information retrieval from doctor's handwriting prescriptionIndian Statistical Institute, Kolkata2017
Multi-lingual Word SpottingIndian Statistical Institute Kolkata2017
Thermal imager with Calibrator for Bad Weather and Night VisionSMILE, IIT Roorkee2017
Multi-oriented Indic text recognition in natural scene and video imagesScience and Engineering Research Board, DST2016
Tracking Multiple People in Video SurveillanceFaculty Initiation Grant, SRIC, IIT Roorkee2015
Administrative Document AnalysisIndian Statistical Institute Kolkata2015
  • IUPRAI, Life Member
  • IEEE, Member
  • Institute of Document Analysis and Knowledge Science, Japan, Member
  • Research Advisory Board of Patanjali Research Foundation (Trust), Haridwar,, Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Fundamentals of Object Oriented ProgrammingCSN-103B.Tech. (CSE & ECE) I YearAutumn
Data StructuresCSN-102B.Tech. (CSE & ECE) I YearSpring
Object Oriented Analysis and DesignCSN-291B.Tech. (CSE) II YearAutumn
Artificial IntelligenceCSN-371B.Tech. (CSE & ECE) III YearAutumn
Computer GraphicsCSN-372B.Tech. (CSE & ECE) III Year Autumn
Machine LearningCSN-382B.Tech.III Year & M.Tech.I YearSpring
Data Mining and WarehousingCSN-515B.Tech.IV Year & M.Tech.I yearSpring
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Exploiting Local Information for Trajectory Analysis under SurveillanceDr. Rajkumar SainiA2014
Sign Language Recognition using Depth SensorsDr. Pradeep KumarA2014
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
Indian Statistical Institute, KolkataVisiting Scientist2018
Osaka Prefecture University, JapanResearch Collaboration2018
Indian Statistical Institute, KolkataVisiting Scientist2017
Indian Statistical Institute, KolkataVisiting Scientist2016
Indian Statistical Institute, KolkataVisiting Scientist2014
DEMOKRITOS Lab, GreeceResearch collaboration between RFAI Lab, France and CIL Lab, Greece.2012
Indian Statistical Institute, KolkataVisiting Scientist2012
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
Machine Learning and Its ApplicationsAICTE (Course Co-ordinator)09-07-2018
3rd International Conference on Computer Vision & Image Processing (CVIP, 2018)DRDO, ISRO, Mathworks, DST, Brahmos29-9-2018
GIAN Course on Analysis and Applications of Document Image ProcessingMHRD4-12-2017
2nd International Conference on Computer Vision & Image Processing (CVIP-WM, 2017)MathWorks, Intec Infonet Pvt., and others9-9-2017
Vision, Graphics and their ApplicationsAICTE (Course Co-ordinator)04-07-2016
International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP-2016)DST, DRDO, HP and others26-02-2016
Books Authored

[b1] R. Balasubramanian, S. Kumar, P. P. Roy, D. Sen, "Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP 2016)", vol. 1 and 2, Springer Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Series, 2016.

Refereed Journal Papers

Research Profile DBLP , Google Scholar

Selected Journal Articles  (Others can be found here)

[j16] S. Kumar, M. Yadava and P. P. Roy, "Fusion of EEG Response and Sentiment Analysis of Products Review to Predict Customer Satisfaction", Information Fusion, 2018.

[j15] P. Kumar, S. Mukherjee, R. Saini, P. Kaushik, P. P. Roy and D. P. Dogra, "Multimodal Gait Recognition with Inertial Sensor Data and Video using Evolutionary Algorithm", IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 2018.

[j14] A. K. Bhunia, A. Konwer, A. Bhowmick, A. K. Bhunia, P. P. Roy and U. Pal, "Script Identification in Natural Scene Image and Video Frame using Attention based Convolutional-LSTM Network", Pattern Recognition, 2018.

[j13] A. Ahmed, D. P. Dogra, S. Kar and P. P. Roy, "Trajectory-based surveillance analysis: A survey", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2018.

[j12] K. K. Santhosh, D. P. Dogra and P. P. Roy, "Temporal Unknown Incremental Clustering (TUIC) Model for Analysis of Traffic Surveillance Videos", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018.

[j11] A. K. Bhunia, P. P. Roy, A. Mohta and U. Pal, "Cross-language Framework for Word Recognition and Spotting of Indic Scripts", Pattern Recognition, 2018.

[j10] R. Saini*, B. Kaur*, P. Singh, P. Kumar, P. P. Roy, R. Balasubramanian and D. Singh, "Don't Just Sign Use Brain Too: A Novel Multimodal Approach for User Identification and Verification",  Information Sciences, 2017. [*Both authors contributed equally]

[j9] P. Kumar, P. P. Roy and D. P. Dogra, "Independent Bayesian Classifier Combination based Sign Language Recognition using Facial Expression", Information Sciences, vol. 428, pp. 30-48, 2018.

[j8] H. Gauba, P. Kumar, P. P. Roy, P. Singh, D. P. Dogra and R. Balasubramanian, "Prediction of Advertisement Preference by Fusing EEG Response and Sentiment Analysis", Neural Networks, vol. 92, pp. 77-88, 2017.

[j7]  P. P. Roy, A. K. Bhunia, A. Das, P. Dey and U. Pal, "HMM-based Indic Handwritten Word Recognition using Zone Segmentation", Pattern Recognition, vol. 60, pp. 1057-1075, 2016.

[j6] Y. Chherawala, P. P. Roy and M. Cheriet, "Feature set evaluation for offline handwriting recognition systems: Application to the recurrent neural network model", IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, vol. 46(12), pp. 2825-2836, 2015.

[j5] R. Mandal, P. P. Roy, U. Pal and M. Blumenstein, "Multi-lingual Date Field Extraction for Automatic Document Retrieval by Machine ", Information Sciences, vol. 314, pp. 277-292, 2014.

[j4]  P. P. Roy, U. Pal, J. Lladós and M. Delalandre. "Multi-Oriented Touching Text Character Segmentation in Graphical Documents using Dynamic Programming". Pattern Recognition, vol. 45 (5), pp. 1972-1983, 2012.

[j3] P. P. Roy, U. Pal and J. Lladós. "Document seal detection using GHT and character proximity graphs".  Pattern Recognition, vol.44, pp.1282-1295, 2011.

[j2] U. Pal, P. P. Roy, N. Tripathy and J. Lladós. "Multi-Oriented Bangla and Devnagari Text Recognition", Pattern Recognition, vol.43, pp. 4124-4136, 2010.

[j1] U. Pal and P. P. Roy,"Multi-oriented and curved text lines extraction from Indian documents", IEEE Transactions On Systems, Man and Cybernetics- Part B, vol.34, pp. 1676-1684, 2004.


Selected Conference Articles

[c15] A. K. Bhunia, A. Das, A. K. Bhunia, S. R. K. Perla and P. P. Roy. Handwriting Recognition in Low-resource Scripts using Adversarial Learning. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), USA, 2019.

[c14] S. Mukherjee, S. Ghosh, S. Ghosh, P. Kumar, and P. P. Roy. Predicting Video-frames using encoder-convLSTM combination. International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing(ICASSP), 2019.

[c13] S. Nag, A. K. Bhunia, A. Konwer, and P. P. Roy. Facial Micro-expression Spotting and Recognition using Time Contrasted Feature with Visual Memory. International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing(ICASSP), 2019.

[c12] S. R. K. Perla, A. K. Bhunia, S. Ghose and P. P. Roy. User Constrained Thumbnail Generation using Adaptive Convolutions. International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing(ICASSP), 2019.

[c11] A. K. Bhunia, S. R. K. Perla, P. Mukherjee, A. Das and P. P. Roy, "Texture Synthesis Guided Deep Hashing for Texture Image Retrieval", Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), USA, 2019.

[c10] S. Halder, K. De and P. P. Roy, "Perceptual Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for End-to-End Image Colourization", Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), Australia, 2018.

[c9] S. K. Behera, A. K. Dash, D. P. Dogra and P. P. Roy, "Air Signature Recognition using Deep Convolutional Neural Network-Based Sequential Model", International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), China, 2018.

[c8] A. K. Bhunia, A. K. Bhunia, P. Banerjee, A. Konwer, A. Bhowmick, P. P. Roy and U. Pal, "Word Level Font-to-Font Image Translation using Convolutional Recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks", International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), China, 2018.

[c7] A. K. Bhunia, A. Bhowmick, A. K. Bhunia, A. Konwer, P. Banerjee, P. P. Roy and U. Pal, "Handwriting Trajectory Recovery using End-to-End Deep Encoder-Decoder Network", International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), China, 2018.

[c6] A. Konwer, A. K. Bhunia, A. Bhowmick, A. K. Bhunia, P. Banerjee, P. P. Roy and U. Pal, "Staff line Removal using Generative Adversarial Networks", International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), China, 2018.

[c5] Y. Chherawala, P. P. Roy and M. Cheriet, "Context-dependent BLSTM Models. Application to Offline Handwriting Recognition", International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), France, 2014 (Awarded as one of the "Top 10% papers").

[c4] S. Roy, P. Shivakumara, P. P. Roy and C. L. Tan, "Wavelet-Gradient-Fusion for Video Text Binarization", In Proc. 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition, (ICPR), Japan, 2012.

[c3] R. Mandal, P. P. Roy and U. Pal, "Date Field Extraction in Handwritten Documents", In Proc. 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Japan, 2012.

[c2] P. P. Roy, U. Pal, J. Lladós and M. Delalandre, "Multi-Oriented and Multi-Sized Touching Character Segmentation using Dynamic Programming", In Proc.10th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), Barcelona, Spain, pp.11-15, 2009 (Awarded as Best Student Paper).

[c1] P. P. Roy, U. Pal, J. Lladós and F. Kimura, "Convex Hull based Approach for Multi-Oriented Character Recognition from Graphical Documents", International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Tampa, USA, 2008



  • Qualified for ``Assistant Professor" (MCF-2012-27-12227230857), France in 2012