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O.C. List
  1. O.C. Administration: Dr. Manoj Misra
  2. O.C. Time Table: Dr. Sandeep Kumar
  3. O.C. Examination: Dr. Partha Pratim Roy
  4. O.C. BTech Project: Dr. Partha Pratim Roy
  5. O.C. MTech: Dr. P. Sateesh Kumar
  6. O.C. Research Scholar: Dr. Sudip Roy
  7. O.C. Seminar: Dr. Rajdeep Niyogi
  8. O.C. Training and Placement: Dr. Sudip Roy
  9. O.C. Library: Dr. Durga Toshniwal
  10. O.C. Tour: Dr. Ranita Biswas
  11. O.C. Maintenance and Repair: Dr. Sugata Gangopadhyay
  12. O.C. Website: Dr. Ranita Biswas