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Vimal Kumar
Vimal Kumar Associate Professor vksinfch[at] 1332-285694
Areas of Interest
  • Heat Transfer, Single and Multiphase flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Bio-oil from renewable feedstocks
Professional Background
20092011Post-Doctoral FellowDepartment of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canda
20072009Research EngineerDow Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd., Research & Development, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Educational Details
PhDChemical EngineeringIndian Institue of Technology Delhi2008
M.Tech.Chemical EngineeringIndian Institue of Technology Delhi2002
B.Tech.Chemical EngineeringCalicut University, GEC Thrissur1999
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
A study on oil–in–water emulsion flow through porous mediaDST-SERB2016
Flow of Emulsion through Porous MediaIIChE Research Project Award2014
  • The Institution of Engineers (INDIA), Member
  • Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Life Member
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Computer Applications in Chemical EngineeringCHN-3233rd year UndergraduateAutumn
Numerical Methods in Chemical EngineeringCHN-501PostgraduateAutumn
Fluidization EngineeringCHN-3263rd Year UndergraduateSpring
Mass TransferCHN-2122nd Year UndergraduateSpring
Computational Fluid DynamicsBTN-671PostgraduateSpring
Mass Transfer Lab - IICHN-3013rd Year UndergraduateAutumn
Computer Programming and Numerical MethodCHN-1031st Year UndergraduateAutumn
Research Scholar Groups
Scholar NameInterest
Dr. Desavath V. NaikProcess Engineering; Upgrading of pyrolysis oil with VGO in FCC unit; FCC catalyst evaluation
Dr. Partha KunduColloid & Interface Science, Optimization, CFD, Modelling & Simulation, Rheology
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Coprocessing of Pyrolysis Oil with VGO in FCC unit to Produce LPG and GasolineMr. D.V. NaikA2011
Flow of Emulsion through porous MediaMr. Partha KunduA2011
Preparation and Characterization of Water-in-Oil (W/O) NanoemulsionMr. Hemant KumarO2014
Mass Transfer Aspects of Cell Culture in a BioreactorMr. Sohail LoneO2014
Hydrodynamics and Mixing Studies in Rotor Stator Mixer for Viscous FluidsMr. VikashO2015
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
Multiphase Flow in Miniature Systems: Flow Modelling & ApplicationsAICTE04/06/2018
Chemical Micro Process Engineering: Flow Modelling & ApplicationAICTE20/06/2016
Books Authored

BOOK CHAPTERS (Since 2010)

  1. Kumar H, Shukla MK, Kumar V, 2018. Enhancing combustion properties and improving emission char-acteristics: W/D nano-emulsions fuels for diesel engines. Published in "Prospects of Alternative Transportation Fuels" Edited by Singh AP, Dhar A, Agarwal RA, Shukla MK, Agarwal AK, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd..
  2. Naik DV, Prasad B, Kumar V, 2018. Pyrolysis Oil Upgrading to Fuels by Catalytic Cracking: A Refinery Perspective. Published in "Prospects of Alternative Transportation Fuels" Edited by Singh AP, Dhar A, Agarwal RA, Shukla MK, Agarwal AK, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
Refereed Journal Papers

List of publications (since 2010)

  1. Kumar H, Kumar V, 2018. Ultrasonication assisted formation and stability of water-in-oil nanoemulsions: Optimization and ternary diagram analysis. Ultrasonication Sonochemistry, 49(4), 79–88 (
  2. Shah MA, Khan MNS, Kumar V, 2018. Biomass residue characterization for their potential application as biofuels, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (accepted) (
  3. Lone SR, Kumar V, Seay JR, Englert D, Hwang HT, 2018. Evaluation of volumetric mass transfer coefficient in a stirred tank bioreactor using response surface methodology. Environment Progress & Sustainable Energy (accepted).
  4. Kumar, H., Kumar V, 2018. Preparation of water-in-diesel oil nanoemulsion using non-ionic surfactants with enhanced stability. Journal of Dispersion of Science and Technology, 39(4), 560-570.  (
  5. Vikash, Deshawar D, Kumar V, 2017. Hydrodynamics and mixing characterization in a novel high shear mixer. Chemical Engineering and Processing : Process Intensification, 120, 57-67. (
  6. Kundu P, Kumar V, Mishra IM, 2017. Study of visco-electric effect on stability and rheological behaviour of surfactant stabilized emulsions. Journal of Dispersion of Science and Technology, 39(3), 384-394. (
  7. Naik, D.V., Karthik, V., Kumar, V., Prasad, B., Garg, M.O., 2017. Kinetic modeling for catalytic Cracking of pyrolysis oils with VGO in a FCC unit. Chemical Engineering Science, 170, 790-798. (
  8. Kumar, V., Vikash, Nigam, K.D.P., 2017. Multiphase fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in Minichannels. Chemical Engineering Science (Accepted on January 09, 2017;
  9. Kundu, P., Kumar, V., Mishra, I.M., 2016. Experimental and numerical investigation of fluid flow hydrodynamics in porous media: Characterization of Darcy and non-Darcy flow regimes. Powder Technology, 303, 278-291 (
  10. Kundu, P., Kumar, V., Hoarau, Y., Mishra, I.M., 2016. Numerical simulation and analysis of fluid flow hydrodynamics through a structured array of circular cylinders forming porous medium. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 40(23-24), 9848-9871 (doi:10.1016/j.apm.2016.06.043).
  11. Kundu, P., Paul, V., Kumar, V., Mishra, I.M., 2015. Formulation development, Modeling and optimization of emulsification process using evolving RSM assisted hybrid ANNGA framework. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 104, 773–790.
  12. Kundu, P., Kumar, V., Mishra, I.M., 2015. Modelling the rheological behavior of dilute to highly concentrated oil–in–water (o/w) emulsions: Effect of temperature, oil volume fraction and anionic surfactant concentration. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 129, 189–204.
  13. Naik, D.V., Kumar, V., Prasad, B., Poddar, M.K., Bal, R., Behera, B., Khatri, O.P., Adhikari, D.K., Garg, M.O., 2015. Catalytic Cracking of jatropha–derived fast pyrolysis oils with VGO and their NMR characterization. Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 5, 398–409.
  14. Naik, D.V., Kumar, V., Prasad, B., Behera, B., Atheya, N., Adhikari, D.K., Nigam, K.D.P., Garg, M.O., 2014. Catalytic Cracking of C2-C3 Carbonyls with Vacuum Gas Oil. Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research, 53(49), 18816–18823.
  15. Kundu, P., Kumar, V., Mishra, I.M., 2014. Numerical modelling of turbulent flow through isotropic porous media. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 75, 40-57.
  16. Naik, D.V., Kumar, V., Prasad, B., Behera, B., Atheya, N., Singh, K.K., Adhikari, D.K., Garg, M.O., 2014. Catalytic cracking of pyrolysis oil oxygenates (aliphatic and aromatic) with vacuum gas oil and their characterization. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 92, 1579-1590.
  17. Naik, D.V., Kumar, V., Prasad, B., Behera, B., Singh, K.K., Bangwal, D.P., Atheya, N., Garg, M.O., 2014. Catalytic Cracking of Glycerol to Fine Chemicals over Equilibrium Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst, Energy Procedia, 54, 593-598, 2014c.
  18. Tajallipur, N., Kumar, V., Paraschivoiu, M., 2013. Large Eddy Simulations of a Compressible Free Jet Flow on Unstructured Elements. International Journal of Numerical Methods in Heat and Fluid Flow, 23(2).
  19. Kumar, V., Nigam K.D.P., 2012. Process Intensification in Green Synthesis. Green Processing and Synthesis, 1(1), 79–107. 
  20. Kumar, V., Paraschivoiu, M., Nigam, K.D.P., 2011. Single phase fluid flow and mixing in microchannels. Chemical Engineering Science, 66, 1329–1373.
  21. Kumar, V., Paraschivoiu, M., Paraschivoiu, I., 2010. Low Reynolds number wind turbine design for Mars. Wind Engineering, 34(4), 461– 476. 
  22. Mridha, M., Kumar, V., Nigam, K.D.P., 2010. Augmentation of heat transfer performance in coiled flow inverter vis-à-vis conventional heat exchangers. Chemical Engineering Science, 65(2), 999–1007.