Gargi Singh - Department of Civil Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Gargi Singh
Gargi Singh Assistant professor 01332284877
Educational Details
PhDCivil Engineering (minor in Sustainable Nanotechnology)Virginia Tech2015
MSCivil EngineeringVirginia Tech2012
B TechCivil EngineeringIIT Roorkee2009
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Construction Planning and ManagementCEN 411CPMAutumn
Environmental Modeling and Simulation CEN 501Environmental Modeling and Simulation Spring
Introduction to Environmental StudiesCEN 105MAutumn
NPTEL: Applied Environmental MicrobiologyNOC19 CE01NPTEL: Applied Environmental MicrobiologySpring
Environmental Impact AssessmentCEN 604Environmental Impact AssessmentSpring
National International Collaboration
Antimicrobial resistanceIIT Madras
Refereed Journal Papers

Singh, G., Widdowson, M., and Pruden. A. 2012. Influence of Petroleum Deposit Geometry on Local Gradient of Electron Acceptors and Microbial Catabolic Potential. Environmental Science and Technology. 46 (11): 5782–5788.

Hoyland, V.W., Knocke W.R., Falkinham III J.O., Pruden A., Singh G. 2014. Effect of Drinking Water Treatment Process Parameters on Biological Removal of Manganese from Surface Water. Water Research. 66: 31-39.

Singh, G., Chandoha-Lee, C., Zhang, W., Vikesland P.J., Renneckar, S., Pruden, A. 2016. Biodegradation of Nanocrystalline Cellulose by Environmentally-relevant Consortia. Water Research. 104:137-146.

Argoty, G.A., Singh, G., Heath, L., Pruden, A., Zhang, Q. 2016. MetaStorm: A Public Resource for Customizable Metagenomics Annotation. PLoS One. 11(9):e0162442

Xu, J., Veeramani, H., Qafoku, NP, Singh, G., Riquelme, MV, Pruden, A., Kukkadapu, RV,  Gartman, BN, Hochella Jr. 2017. Efficacy of acetate-amended biostimulation for uranium sequestration: Combined analysis of sediment/groundwater geochemistry and bacterial community structure. Applied Geochemistry. 78:172-185

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