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Mittal S.
Satyendra Mittal Associate Professor smittfce[at] +91 - 1332 - 285837
Areas of Interest
  • Geotechnical Engineering , Ground Improvement, Soil Dynamics, Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Designs
Honors and Awards
ISCMS Tata Steel AwardISCMS2002
ISTE National Award ISTE2004
IGS -Resham Singh AwardIndian Geotechnical Society, New Delhi2013
IGS Indra Joshi Best Technical paper AwardIndian Geotechnical Society, New Delhi2012
Uttarakhand Govt. Best Engineer AwardThe Institution of Engg. Dehradun2015
Educational Details
M.E.Earthquake Engg.University of Roorkee1986
B.E.Civil Engg.University of Allahabad1980
Ph.D.Civil Engg.University of Roorkee1998
  • Indian Geotechnical Society, National Executive Committee Member
  • The Institution of Engineers, Life Member
  • Indian Society of Earthquake Technology, Life Member
  • Indian Water Resources Society, Life Member
  • Indian Society of Technical Education, Life Member
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Behaviour of Nailed Vertical CutsMrs. Meenal GosaviA2002
Behaviour of Randomly distributed fiber-reinforced sand in shallow foundationsRavikant MittalA2004
Behaviour of shallow footings on reinforced earth slopesMohd. Yusuf ShahA2006
Liquefaction behavior of reinforced earth soilsRajeev ChauhanA2009
Behavior of Anchors In SoilsSanjeev MukherjeeA2012
Geosynthetic applications in Rail TracksMs. Pratibha SinghO2015
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
IndonesiaLecture in International Conference2015
Sri LankaLecture in International Conference2015
South AfricaTo deliver lecture in International Conference2014
South KoreaTo deliver lecture in International Conference2013
Holland & SwitzerlandTo attain advance training in Trenchless Construction2012
USATo deliver lecture in International Conference2010
EgyptTo deliver lecture in International conference on Geosynthetics in Alexendria2009
ChinaTo deliver lecture in International conference on Geosynthetics in Shanghai2008
FranceTo deliver lectures to manufacturers of geosynthetics about ground improvement techniques- Indian experience2007
ItalyTo present a technical paper in international conference on Earthquake resistant design of structures2007
Malaysia To present a technical paper in international conference on Ground Improvement Techniques. 2004
NepalOn Norwegian govt. fellowship to attend international training programme on sediment management on Hydro Projects2001
Bangladesh Invited by Bangladesh Univ. of Engg. & Technology Dhaka, to deliver key note lectures on Small Hydro Power Projects. All expenses borne by Bangladesh Govt. 1999
Japan On Japanese Govt. Scholarship to study technical vocational rehabilitation measures to handicapped, in addition to construction projects management. Got special training in construction giants M/S Sumitomo construction Co., Tokyo.1998
U.S.A. To present paper in international conference held in New Orieans, U.S.A1996
China On UNDP fellowship to study advanced designs of Small Hydro Power Projects. Got Best Trainee Officer award amongst participants of 18 countries. 1995
Singapore To present paper in international conference. 1991
United Kingdom Got GSE Scholarship sponsored by rotary Foundation for study of Earthquake resistant design of Hydropower Structures. I was attached to Prof. J. Irwin of Bristol University, U.K1986
IraqJob 1982
Special Lectures Delivered
Liquefaction Control Measure by Use of GeocellsThe Institute of Engineers & IGS2015
Soil Nailing for Slope StabilisationJawahar Lal Nehru Technical University Hyderabad2015
Books Authored
  1. Soil Testing for Engineers
  2. Pile Foundation Design & Construction
  3. An Introduction to Ground Improvement Engg.
  4. Biography of Sir M. Visvesarayya 
Refereed Journal Papers


  1. International Refereed Journals:


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  • Teaching Ground Improvement Engineering and Soil Dynamics in IIT Roorkee for last 13 years. Also authored a book on Ground Improvement Engg, published from delhi. His work on Soil Nailing in various important projects (Golden temple Amritsar, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi, Supreme court new complex in Delhi, landslide controls in Nainital, Underground rail tunnel below rail tracks in Delhi etc) of the country gave him wide acclaim. He is popular speaker on this technique in India and abroad. Similar work he did for Liquefaction control measures by ground improvement techniques. Worked extensively in area of Stone columns, Deep and Shallow foundations. Currently guiding Ph.d. thesis on Rail track stabilisation for high axle loads and speeds, Besides the black board teaching, Dr. Mittal is using power points presentations, quiz etc for imparting the subject to students., Regular tutorials, seminars etc. Use of modern softwares-PLAXIS, GEOSLOPES etc., Dr. Mittal also filed an application for patent in the box push technology by use of soil nailing techniques. Did extensive research in tunneling in soft grounds, Developed a modern lab in IIT Roorkee for ground improvement techniques. My M.Tech and Ph.d students work on Lab problems and also on Numerical methods., Other works include consultancy in the area of soil investigations, slope stability, underground excavations and foundation designs for multistoried constructions, chimneys, water tanks etc., Successfully provided consultancy to hundreds of micro hydel projects, industrial projects, thermal power stations (Hissar, Panipat, Yamuna nagar, Obra, Gadarwara etc etc). The innovative designs have been developed by me for raising of ash dykes which are being adopted by these thermal power stations, Dr. Mittal believes in innovative research and its field applications. That why he received several awards from various institutions and socities., Combination of teaching, research and consultancy made Dr. Mittal a popular teacher in the country. He travelled across the globe many a times for invited lectures, research dissemination and consultancy services. he has close interaction with several international companies like Maccafferi, Strata, Tensar etc.for innovative designs and research. Dr. Mittal also organises every year a training program for field engineers on : Soil Investigations, Road Constructions, Ground Improvement Techniques, Design of Foundations etc.