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Ahuja A.K.
Ashok Kumar Ahuja Professor ahujafce[at] +91-9837241627
Areas of Interest
  • Structural Engineering, Wind Engineering
Educational Details
Ph.D.Wind EngineeringUniversity of Roorkee1990
M.E.Structural EngineeringUniversity of Roorkee1979
B.E.Civil EngineeringUniversity of Roorkee1976
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Wind Interference Effects Between Two Prismatic Buildings (1988)Showkat Ali Mir
Wind Loads on Sloping Roofs with Sky Light (1990)Sumer Singh
Mean Wind Pressure Distribution on Convex Cylindrical Roofs (1991)Ram Kumar
Comparative Study of Circular Cable Roofs (2003)Vaneeta Devi
Complex Interaction Amongst Several Parameters of a Cable Stayed Bridge (2003)Shashi Bhushan
Structural Influence of Bracings on Behaviour of Multistoreied Frames (2004)Raut Dhiraj Baliram
Parametric Study on Cable Stayed Bridges (2004)K.V.S.R.S.S. Prakash
CAD Package for Analysis and Design of R.C. Chimney (2004)Rajesh Pal
Studies in Structural Interaction Between Band Beam and Waffle Slab (2004) Rajesh S. Wani
Influence of Canopies on Wind Loads on Low-Rise Buildings (2004)Adelyne Sunn
Behaviour of Cable Nets with Rigid Boundaries (2004)Sambasivarao Alaparthi
Experimental Investigation of Parameters Influencing Wind Environment Around Buildings (2005)Sujit Kumar Dalui
Wind Pressure Distribution on Elevated Structures with Curved Roofs (2005)K. Amareshwar
Experimental Estimation of Wind Loads on Multi-Span Pitched Roof Buildings (2010)Rajiv Gandhi M.
Wind Effects on tall Buildings (2012)Maisnam Ramakant Singh
Effect of Plan Shapes on the Response of Tall Buildings under Wind Loads (2013)Thool Kushal P.
Influence of Proximity on the Response of Tall Buildings under Wind Loads (2013)Sushil C. Pandey
Effects of Steps on Wind Loads on Tall Buildings (2013)Shiva
Experimental Investigation of Wind Loads on Hoardings (2013)Amit Agrawal
Effect of Proximity on Wind Loads on Rectangular Plan Tall Buildings (2014)Atul Sadanand Gaonkar
Experimental Studies on Thermal Insulation Properties of Various Construction Materials (2014)Bhushan Kumar
Influence of Interference and Cross-Sectional Shape on Wind Loads on Tall Buildings (2015)Ravinder Ahlawat
Wind Loads on Canopy Roofs (2015)Pradeep Singh
Effect of Porosity on Wind Pressure Distribution on Low-Rise Buildings (2016)Senjumbeni Kikon
Interference Effects on Response of Tall Buildings Under Wind Loads (2016)Sumit Nandan
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Studies in Beamless RC Structural Floor Systems for Medium Floor-PlansA.S. SanthiA
Wind Loads on Gable Roof Buildings with Attached CanopiesRajesh GoyalA
Studies in Transfer Beams for High-Rise BuildingsR.S. LondheA
Performance of Mineral Based Concrete in Marine EnvironmentD.K. JainA
Wind Effects on Tall Buildings with Peculiar ShapesS.K. DaluiA
Effect of Plan Shape on Wind Induced Response of Tall BuildingsJ.A. AminA
Wind Effects on Structurally Coupled Tall BuildingsS.K. VermaA
Wind Loads on Canopy Roofs A.K. RoyA
Effects of Geometrical Shapes on Wind Loads on BuildingsN.K. BhatnagarA
Use of Concrete Filled Tubes in Bridge ElementsZ.A. KhaudhairA
Effects of Cross Sectional Shapes on Response of Tall Buildings Under Wind Loads Ritu RajA
Wind Effects on Tall Buildings with Polygonal Shapes Muftha AhmedA
Wind Loads on Low-Rise Buildings (In Progress)Astha VermaO
Wind Pressure Distribution on Multi Span Canopy Roofs (In progress)Neelam RaniO
Response of Closely Spaced Tall Buildings Under Wind Loads (In progress)Bharat Singh ChauhanO