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Sudipta Sarkar
Sudipta Sarkar Associate Professor +911332284756 (Work)
Areas of Interest
  • Water Treatment:, Removal of Trace Contaminants, Hybrid Adsorbents, Desalination
  • Solid Waste Management:, Use of Insects for Management of Organic and Municipal Solid Waste
  • Wastewater Treatment:, Industrial Wastewater, Greywater Reuse, Nutrient Recovery, Antibiotic Resistance
Professional Background
2019On goingAssociate ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee
20122018Assistant ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee
20112012Assistant ProfessorThapar University, Patiala
20062011Post-Doctoral Research AssociateLehigh University, USA
20042004Visiting Research ScientistLehigh University, USA
20012003Project Manager, Arsenic Remediation Project and Research AssociateBengal Engineering and Science University
19962006Senior Engineer (Water Systems)M N Dastur and Co Ltd (Consulting Engineers), Kolkata, India
Honors and Awards
Reinvent The Toilet Challenge Award from Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationIIT Roorkee2014
1st Prize Reed-Elsevier Environmental Challenge (on behalf of Tagore-SenGupta Foundation, USA)Lehigh University2011
EPA P3 Honorable Mention Award by USEPALehigh University 2011
Award of Merit from the Division of Environmental Chemistry, American Chemical SocietyLehigh University2010
Mondialogo Engineering Award by UNESCO-Daimler ChryslerLehigh University 2009
Award of Merit in OCEA category by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)Lehigh University 2008
EPA P3 Award by US Environmental Protection AgencyLehigh University2007
Best Poster Award in Fresh Ideas Section at AWWA Conference (ACE 2006)Lehigh University2006
Mondialogo Engineering Award by UNESCO-Daimler ChryslerIndian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology2005
Best Paper to Arushi (MTech Student) in International Conf. Adv. in Engg and Technol at ChandigarhIITR2014
Summer Undergraduate Research Assistance (IITR) to my students Abhinav and D ThandeleIITR2014
Summer Undergraduate Research Assistance (IITR) to my students S Agrawal and R GuptaIITR2013
Kathpalia Award to Arushi (MTech Student) for Best Thesis in research work related to EnvironmentIITR2014
Educational Details
Ph.D.Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering)Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) (Erstwhile BESU)2006
M.E.Environmental EngineeringIndian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) (Erstwhile BESU)2000
B.E.Civil EngineeringIndian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (erstwhile Bengal Engineering College)1995
Administrative Background
2014ongoingMemberDepartment Research Committee
2013OngoingOfficer-in-ChargeEnvironmental Engineering Laboratory
  • American Chemical Society, Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Construction Planning and ManagementCE-401CE 4th YearAutumn
Construction Planning and ManagementCEN-411B Tech 2nd Year CEAutumn
Refereed Journal Papers


Total IF score: 85.862 (Avg. per article: 3.479) Total number of citations: 793(Avg. per article: 32)


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