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Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma Assistant Professor deepak.fbt[at] +91-1332-284827 Website
Areas of Interest
  • Computational Biology, Translational Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Systems Biology, Pathways/Networks, Motifs, miRNAs, MD simulation, Flaviviruses, Mycobacteria, Metagenomics
Professional Background
Dec'14Till dateAssistant ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Jul'11Dec'14 Research Scientist CTranslational Health Science & Technology Institute
May'12July'12Visiting FacultyUniversity of Maryland
July'08June'11INSA Young ScientistNational Institute of Immunology
July'06June'08DBT-Postdoctoral FellowNational Institute of Immunology
Honors and Awards
Future Global LeaderJapan Science and Technology Agency2017
Haryana Yuva Vigyan Ratna Award 2013-14Department of Science and Technology, Haryana2017
Editorial Board Member, Proceedings of the INSAIndian National Science Academy2015
Founding member of INYASIndian National Science Academy2015
INSA Medal for Young ScientistIndian National Science Academy2008
DBT Post Doctoral FellowshipDepartment of Biotechnology, Govt. of India2006
Educational Details
Ph.D.BiotechnologyAll India Institute of Medical Sciences2006
M. BiotechnologyBiotechnologyAll India Institute of Medical Sciences2000
B.Sc.(H) Human BiologyBiochemistryAll India Institute of Medical Sciences1998
Administrative Background
2015OngoingInchargeSupercomputing Facility
2016OngoingDepartmental RepresentativeERP
2016OngoingInchargeDepartmental Alumni Data
2017OngoingMemberInstitute Ranking Analytics Committee
2017OngoingMemberICC Advisory Committee
2017OngoingMemberDepartmental Safety Committee
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Computer ProgrammingBTN-103B.Tech.Autumn
Biotech Lab IBTN-208B.Tech.Spring
Computational BiologyBTN-492B.Tech.Spring
Computer ApplicationsBTN-511M.Sc.Autumn
Computational BiologyBTN-664M.Tech.Spring
Research Scholar Groups
Scholar NameInterest
AnjanaPathways/Networks, Mycobacteria, JEV
Shreya SrivastavaMachine Learning, Metagenomics
Kavya SinghMedicinal Plants, miRNA
Refereed Journal Papers
  • Malik S, Sadhu S, Pandey RP, Chawla AS, Sharma D, Panda L, Rathore D, Ghosh B, Ahuja V, Awasthi A (2017) Transcription factor Foxo1 is essential for IL-9 induction in T helper cells, Nat Commun, 8, 815.

  • Sharma Bhai P, Sharma D, Saxena R, Verma IC (2017) Next-generation sequencing reveals a nonsense mutation (p.Arg364Ter) in MRE11A gene in an Indian patient with Familial Breast Cancer, Breast Care, 12, 114-116.

  • Vyas B, Puri RD, Namboodiri N, Nair M, Sharma D, Movva S, Saxena R, Bohora S, Aggarwal N, Vora A, Kumar J, Singh T and Verma IC (2016) KCNQ1 mutations associated with Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome and Autosomal Recessive Romano-Ward syndrome in India - expanding the spectrum of Long QT syndrome type 1. Am J Med Genet, 170, 1510-1519.

  • Sharma D*, Priyadarshini P and Vrati S (2015) Unraveling the web of viroinformatics: computational tools and databases in virus research. J Virol, 89, 1489-1501.

  • Bijarnia-Mahay S, Movva S, Gupta N, Sharma D, Puri RD, Kotecha U, Saxena R, Kabra M, Mohan N and Verma IC (2015) Molecular diagnosis of Hereditary Fructose Intolerance - Founder mutation in a community from India. JIMD Reports, 19, 85-93.

  • Movva S, Kotecha U, Sharma D, Puri RD and Verma IC (2014) Prenatal diagnosis and elucidation of a novel molecular basis in Carpenter syndrome. J Fetal Medicine, 1, 89-93.

  • Kotecha UH, Movva S, Sharma D, Verma J, Puri RD and Verma IC (2014) Molecular evaluation of a novel missense mutation and an insertional truncating mutation in SUMF1 gene. Indian J Med Res, 140, 55-59.

  • Sharma D* and Surolia A (2013) Pathway targeting, antimycobacterial drug design. Encyclopedia of Systems Biology (Springer), 1656-1659.

  • Sharma D and Surolia A (2013) Degree centrality. Encyclopedia of Systems Biology (Springer), 558.

  • Sharma D* and Surolia A (2011) Computational tools to study and understand the intricate biology of mycobacteria. Tuberculosis (Edinb), 91, 273-276.

  • Chauhan S, Sharma D, Singh A, Surolia A and Tyagi JS (2011) Comprehensive insights into Mycobacterium tuberculosis DevR (DosR) regulon activation switch. Nucleic Acids Res, 39, 7400-7414.

  • De Majumdar S#, Sharma D#, Vashist A, Kaur K, Taneja NK, Chauhan S, Challu VK, Ramanathan VD, Balasangameshwara VH, Kumar P and Tyagi JS (2010) Co-expression of DevR and DevRN-Aph proteins is associated with hypoxic adaptation defect and virulence attenuation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. PLoS One, 5, e9448 (#equal contribution).

  • Sharma D*, Mohanty D and Surolia A (2009) RegAnalyst: a web interface for the analysis of regulatory motifs, networks and pathways. Nucleic Acids Res, 37, W193-W201.

  • D’Souza-Ticlo D, Sharma D and Raghukumar C (2009) A Thermostable Metal-Tolerant Laccase with Bioremediation Potential from a Marine-Derived Fungus. Mar Biotechnol, 11, 725-737.

  • Sharma D and Tyagi JS (2007) The value of comparative genomics in understanding mycobacterial virulence: M. tuberculosis H37Ra genome sequencing - a worthwhile endeavour. J Biosci, 32, 185-189.

  • Sharma D, Bose A, Shakila H, Das TK, Tyagi JS and Ramanathan VD (2006) Expression of mycobacterial cell division protein, FtsZ, and dormancy proteins, DevR and Acr, within lung granulomas throughout guinea pig infection. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol, 48, 329-336.

  • Bagchi G, Chauhan S, Sharma D and Tyagi JS (2005) Transcription and autoregulation of the Rv3134c-devR-devS operon of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Microbiology, 151, 4045-4053.

  • Sharma D, Issac B, Raghava GPS and Ramaswamy R (2004) Spectral Repeat Finder (SRF): identification of repetitive sequences using Fourier transformation. Bioinformatics, 20, 1405-1412.

  • Malhotra V, Sharma D, Ramanathan VD, Shakila H, Saini DK, Chakravorty S, Das TK, Li Q, Silver RF, Narayanan PR and Tyagi JS (2004) Disruption of response regulator gene, devR, leads to attenuation in virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. FEMS Microbiol Lett, 231, 237-245.

  • Tyagi JS and Sharma D (2004) Signal transduction systems of mycobacteria with special reference to M. tuberculosis. Curr Sci, 86, 93-102.

  • Tyagi JS and Sharma D (2002) Genomic Study of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its Clinical Applications. Indian J Pediatr, 69, S29-S38.

  • Tyagi JS and Sharma D (2002) Mycobacterium smegmatis and tuberculosis. Trends Microbiol, 10, 68-69.