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Structure-function studies on antioxidant defense system of Candidatus Lliberibacter asiaticus  towards developing antimicrobials against citrus greening (HLB).

DBT, India A.K.Sharma 2016-18

Molecular analyses of the phytoalexin biosynthesis in Apple: A strategy to combat apple scab disease

SERB,India D.Sircar 2014-17

Detection of Spoiled Coconut at Pre–Processing Stage by Portable Wireless Electronic Sensor

CDB, India D.Sircar 2017-20
Development of an electronic nose for the optimum harvesting time and fruit quality in Apple and Papaya ICAR, India D.Sircar 2017-20
Identification and characterization of novel inhibitors against medicinally important beta-lactamases. MHRD, India S. Hazra 2014-17

Development of Novel therapeutics against drug resistant beta lactamases.

SERB, India S.Hazra 2015-19
Developing novel antimicrobial therapeutics by exploring multi-enzyme targets. ICMR, India S.Hazra 2017-20
In silico development of anti-amoebic molecules based on the structure of E. histolytica ornithine decarboxylase ICMR, India S.Tomar 2015-17
Structural functional characterization of Chikungunya virus nsP2 protease and protease inhibitor screening DBT, India S.Tomar 2015-17

Structure activity relationship studies of protein glutamate-O-methylase and identification of antimicrobial compound against Bacillus sp.

UCB, India S.Tomar 2016-18
Identification and validation of small molecules targeting drugable pocket on alphavirus capsid. DRDE, India S.Tomar 2016-17
Probing intermolecular contacts between capsid protein and envelope proteins of Chikungunya Virus ICMR, India S.Tomar 2017-20
Development of molecular diagnostic method for early detection of Chikungunya using fluorescent virus-like nanoparticles DBT, India S.Tomar 2017-18
Screening iron, zinc and carotenoid bioavailability from biofortifiled staple crops using coupled in vitro digestion/ Caco-2 cell model DBT, India P.Roy 2015-18
Assessment of the role of pterostilbene and its derivatives for the prevention of bone loss in breast cancer induced bone metastasis DST, India P.Roy 2016-19
Cloning and targeted delivery of anti-oxidant gene and drug for treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) DST-RFBR (Indo-Russia) P.Gopinath 2016-18
Structural studies of 11S globulin from Wrightia Tinctoria, a medical plant DBT, India P.Kumar 2015-18
Structural Characterization of Moraxella Catharrhalis Enoylacyl Carrier Protein Reductase (FABI) and in-silico inhibitor ICMR, India P.Kumar 2015-18
Structure based inhibitord an enzymes: UDP-N-ActeylGlucosamine-Carboxyvinyl Transferase (MURA) from Provindencia alcalificens DRDE, India P.Kumar 2016-19