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Research Projects

S.No. Title of Project Funding Agency Financial Outlay (INR) Year of Start & Name of P.I. and other investigators Status
1 Framework to Manage Construction and Governance of Smart City Building in India NBBC 24.10 Lakhs April 2016 Dr. Arindam Biswas Ongoing
2 Estimation of embodied energies for low carbon building construction BMTPC 8.46 Lakhs June 2016

P.I. Dr. P.S Chani

Co-P.I. Dr. E. Rajasekar

3 RCUK-NIUA joint research on Urban Development MoUD       - January 2016

PI: Dr. Arindam Biswas

4 Model Village Development for Juang Tribe in Odisha  HUDCO 22.25 Lakhs Mar 2014

P.I. Harshit Lakra

Co-P.I. Smriti Saraswat


Dharohar (Pilot Study: Almora)


1.17 Lakhs

July 2014

P.I. Smriti Saraswat

Co-P.I. Ms. Harshit Lakra


6 Measuring Inclusiveness of Indian Metropolitan Cities and Establish Inclusive Growth Index for Indian Cities within the Diversified Governance Framework IITR 10 Lakhs December 2014 PI: Dr. Arindam Biswas Ongoing
7 Documenting Space-Making Crafts of Uttarakhand


7.5 Lakhs

May 2013 3 Yrs

Ms. Smriti Saraswat

8 Unnat Bharat Abhiyan  MHRD/ IITR 22 Lakhs December 2014

Coordinator: Prof. Pradeep Bhargava

Dr. Arindam Biswas

9 ‘Dharohar’ - Safeguarding the Traditional Craftmanship of Almora and Pithoragarh through Documentation and Workshops (Focus on Aepan and Likhai Kaam) Ministry of Culture 03 Lakhs 2016      (2 Yrs)

P.I. Smriti Saraswat

Co-P.I. Dr. Ila Gupta           Harshit Lakra

10 Professional Services for visiting three key locations for SKP, Mumbai SKP, Mumbai 0.85 Lakhs 2015 Dr. Pushplata Completed
11 Surface Transformation due to Urban Dynamics in Institutional Campuses and its Environmental Impact Uttarakhand State Council for Science &Technology, Dehradun 5.63 Lakhs 2012 Dr. Mahua Mukherjee Ongoing
12 Preparation of Standards & Specifications for Design and Planning of Affordable Innovative Green Housing BMTPC 6.75 Lakhs 2014 Dr. Mahua Mukherjee Ongoing
13 An Enterprise-Driven High Quality Community Toilet System Sustaining on Commercial Values Generated by Black Soldier Fly Larvae Grown on Human Feces and by Fertilizer Derived from Urine

Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science

and Technology, Government of India &

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation




PI: Dr. Sudipto Sarkar

Co PI: Dr. Uttam K Roy

14 Adaptive Vernacular Settlements : Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation IITR (FIG) 10.0 Lakhs 2016 Dr.Ram Sateesh Pasupuleti Ongoing
15 Development of Modular, Infill and Interlocking AAC Blocks with its Design Interface for Market Driven Affordable Mass Housing for Low Income Group in (LIG) in India

Uchatar Avishkar Yojana, MHRD, MOHUPAGovt of India


26.0 2016-19 PI: Dr. Uttam K Roy Ongoing
16 Process Standardisation of Inclusive Urban Planning IITR (FIG) 8.50 2014-2017 PI: Dr. Uttam K Roy


17 Documentation on Traditional Earthquake Resistant Building Technology available with SAARC Countries SDMC 5.5 2013 PI: Dr Mahua Mukherjee Ongoing