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Smriti Saraswat Assistant Professor spacefap[at] 01332 - 284770 Website
Areas of Interest
  • Cultural Heritage; Visual Narratives; Design Research and Writing; and Pedagogy, Interior-Architecture; Craft and Technology; Traditional Knowledge Systems; Indigenous Communities;
Honors and Awards
DAAD IIT MSP Program GrantRWTH Aachen, Germany 2015
Member Delegation from India for discussing Indo-Finnish Collaborations in FinlandIIT Roorkee and MHRD (India), Aalto University (Finland)2013-15
DRONAH Educational GrantDRONAH2011
Letter of MeritCEPT University, Ahmedabad2011
Invitation to Moderate the Panel for the Session - "Space, Place and Travel" 2012 International Conference on Narratives2012
Educational Details
Master of Interior Architecture and DesignInterior-Architecture and Craft & TechnologyCEPT University, Ahmedabad2010
B.Arch.ArchitectureAligarh Muslim University, Aligarh2008
Books Authored


i) “Stone Buildings of Gujarat” – The book is published by School of Interior Design in collaboration with Gujarat Mineral Research and Development Society in the year 2010 (ISBN 81-904096-4-3)

Authors: Nimish Patel, Muktirajsinhji Chauhan, Bishakha Shome, Mansi G Shah, Eesha Agarwal, Chinmay Patel

The author had worked as a Research Assistant for this book. This book documents in detail stone buildings and allied artefacts from the earliest efforts through the golden period of the Solankis, the Sultanate and the Colonial periods and use of stone in contemporary times. The book is illustrated with pictures of almost all the significant stone buildings of Gujarat including religious places, tombs, cemeteries, memorials, educational buildings, palaces, modest dwellings, step wells, tanks, lakes and utility structures. It includes a brief note summarizing the chronological history of Gujarat's stone buildings by six types and an exhaustive picture cataloguing of the components called elements in the assembly of stone buildings.

ii) “Interior Architecture and Narratives: Craft, a Medium”, Lap-Lambert Publishing Ltd., Germany, 2017

In Progress

i) “Sanchay: Art, Craft and Interior Architecture of Uttarakhand”, QIP, IIT Roorkee, 2016-17

Refereed Journal Papers

Research Papers in Journals


i) “Radhasoami Samadh, Agra: Stone Crafts as medium of Narration”, CONTEXT – Journal of the Development and Research Organisation for Nature, Arts and Heritage, Volume VIII, Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2011, pp 91-96


ii) “Emerging Trends in Tall Building Design: Environmental Sustainability through Renewable Energy Technologies”, International Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, January 2014, pp. 116-120, Co-Author: Ar. Arif Kamal

iii) “Revival of Crafts and Social Change: Case Study on Dholka”, Springer, 2015, pp. 174 to 187

iv) “Craft, a Narrative Barometer for Interior-Architecture: Specific Focus on Stone Crafts of India”, Springer, 2015, Pp. 353-362; Co-Author: Dr. Gaurav Raheja

v) “Koti Banal Architecture of Uttarakhand: Indigenous Realities and Community Involvement”, Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Chapter 14, Volume II, Springer 2017, Book ISBN: 978-981-10-3520-3, pp. 165-177; Co-Author: Gautam Mayuresh


i) “Interiors and Furnishings: Pre-Twentieth Century India”, Encyclopedia of Asian Design, UK, Bloomsbury, 2017

ii) “Design for Women-safe Public Spaces: Challenges and Concerns in the Specific Case of Delhi, India", Common Ground Publishers, USA, 2017

iii) “Vernacular Architecture of Uttarakhand”, Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World, Second Edition, UK, Bloomsbury: 2018

iv) “Vernacular Architecture of Rajasthan and Gujarat”(Ed.), Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World, Second Edition, UK, Bloomsbury: 2018

v) “Documenting the Cultural-Creative Industries of Uttarakhand: Specific Focus on the Space-Making Crafts of Almora”, International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment, Springer, 2017

vi) "Sustainable Craft Practices and Space-making in Tech Design Contexts", in Garber, E.; Hochtritt, L. and Sharma, M. Makers, Crafters, Educators: Working for Social Change, Routledge, 2018