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Department of Architecture and Planning - Workshops

Department of Architecture and Planning, IIT Roorkee has the state-of-the-art machines; hand tools and the infrastructure developed over a long period of time. In the future, the department aspires to procure the most advanced equipment to carry out design experiments, based on material research. The department has been organising workshops that focus on materials; art, craft & technology; interior-architecture; and innovations. These workshops are hands-on and provide practical know-how of working with various materials, thus developing creative skills in form evolution, using techniques of model and craft making. Alternate materials and technologies are also explored, as they equip the students with a better understanding towards the changing global scenario and climate concerns.

These workshops are usually conceptualised in four parts:

a) Awareness through Expert Lecture
b) Hands-On Exposure
c) Conceptual Development through Brainstorming
d) Prototype Development/Application

Few of the recent workshops organised and conducted are:

1. ‘DHAROHAR’: A Three Day National Workshop on Craft and Skill Development For Sustainable Design
2. Parametric and Generative Design Methodology
3. Visual Art and Basic Design Workshops
4. Explorations in Papier Mache and its Applications in Interior- Architecture
5. Terracotta: Transformation through Time and Technology
6. Origami and Kirigami
7. Bamboo Workshops
8. Calligraphy
9. Cardboard Furniture
10. Space-Making Elements
11. Colour Configurations in Interior-Architecture
12. Creative Workshop on Weaving
13. Screen Printing Workshop
14. Photography Workshop
15. Sketching Workshop
16. Clay Workshop
17. Visual Identity of a Building through Model Making
18. Make it Sustainable Building Materials (MiSBM)
19. Fractal Geometry
20. Typography

Bamboo Workshop Poster Calligraphy Workshop Poster
Group Picture : Workshop on Model Village Development Papier Mache Workshop Poster
Paper Mache Workshop Photography Workshop
Screen Printing Workshop Terricotta Workshop Poster
Terracotta Workshop Terricotta Workshop
Panel Discussion: Workshop on Model Village Development Urban Dialogues