International Level Hydraulic Turbine Lab

     International-Level Hydraulic Turbine R & D Laboratory Brochure

      Hydropower Equipment Manufacturers, independent power producers, EPC contractors, consultants, government institution and others developing hydropower.

      Alternate Hydro Energy Centre (AHEC), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee has established an international-level hydro turbine R & D laboratory as design and validation facility in addition to conducting research in hydro turbines and other hydro mechanical equipment conforming to national and international standards.

      The laboratory shall support the Indian small and large hydropower industry (government as well as independent) to grow and compete in the International market in various aspects of hydroelectric power development.

  • Spearheading research and development activity in the country for hydro turbine.
  • Developing human resources for small hydropower in respect of entrepreneurs, engineers, plant operators and researchers.
  • Generating data and building expertise for solving site specific problems.
  • Providing affordable facility to small hydro manufactures for design verification.
  • Validating designs of small hydro turbine and layouts using CFD technique.
  • Developing and validating flow-measuring techniques leading to optimum utilization and generation.
  • Providing calibration facility for measuring instruments used for both field-testing and power-plant operation.
  • Providing facilities for testing and certification of turbines.

The guiding parameters in setting up this Lab are as follows:

  • Good overall accuracy in turbine efficiency measurement (target 0.25%)
  • Repeatability (target 0.15%).
  • Limiting the normal power consumption in the Laboratory to 300 kW level.
  • Meeting IEC 60193 and IEC 17025 requirements.
  • Flexible rig to accommodate many types and designs of turbines.
  • Test conditions and parameters to be stable.


  • Weighted average efficiency and turbine output
  • Cavitation’s performance
  • Pressure pulsation
  • Run away speed

Besides above following tests are also conducted

  • Characteristic Curves for the Turbine Quadrant
  • Hydraulic Thrust
  • Torque

      The laboratory is equipped with state of the art SCADA based automatic control system with electromagnetic flow meter, pressure transducers and sensors. The Laboratory has flow measurement tank and calibration tank. There will be a provision to calibrate the instrument against weight of water.



Max Head m 60 m with discharge 150 lt./s.
Max, discharge l/s 950 lt./s. at head of 15 m (Both Pump)
Max speed 985 RPM
Hydro Static Bearing Voith, Germany Make
Universal Frequency counter/timer Agilent Make, 350 MHz, 12 digits, 100 PS
Calibration Gravimetric (Weighing)
Flow measurement ABB Make Electromagnetic Flow meter, 350 mm velocity range 0-10 m/s (max.)
Head measurement Yokogawa Make Differential Pressure Transmitter
Torque measurement By HBM Make T12 torque meter and HBM Make Z6 Load cell
Speed measurement By HBM Make T12 torque meter
Measuring Tank and calibrator tank calibration with load cell Measuring tank 3no., 22T capacity RTN Type, HBM Make load cell, calibrator tank 1no. 2T Capacity, S-type HBM Make load cell
Cavitations number Measurement Yokogawa Make Diff. pressure transmitter
Size of turbine model Runner 350 mm for Francis Turbine
Runner 350 mm for Kaplan Turbine
Open loop Can be configured as calibration loop by bye-passing the rig through diverter unit in measuring tank/discharge tank
Testing Open and closed loop
Reservoir size and capacity 12.1m X 8m X 4.45m Volume 217.8m3
Sump size and capacity 12.1m X 7.1m X 4.45m, Volume 300.69m3
Transfer pumps motors-4 nos WPIL Make, Oil lubricated, Speed 1450 rpm, Capacity 900 m3/hr, total head 3.0m Motor: ABB Make
Main pump-motor-2 nos. and VFD WPIL Make, Pump: Suction 400NS, Discharge 350NS, Speed 988rpm, Capacity 1440 m3/hr, total head 24 m, Motor: 160 kW,985 rpm, V415 V, Siemens Make
Dynamo-motor and Fourth quadrant VFD 132 kW(AC), Drive and motor Siemens Make
Feed pump-motors-2 nos. Kirlosker Make, 415V, 50Hz, 0.85 pf, 11 kW,1470 RPM
Side Channel Pump-1no. Speck-Pumpen, Germany Make, 415V, 50Hz, 0.85 pf, 1.5 kW, 1440 RPM
Liquid Chiller Drycool systems Make, 40TR, water temp. 310C max.


      Your suggestions on desirability and nature of such facility and its possible utilization by you are solicited. For details with suggested format for response

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