Energy Audit of Institutional and Hostel area in IIT Roorkee Campus


With a desire to know energy consumption, an energy audit of IIT Roorkee was carried out as summer intern project by a team of 7 students identified on voluntary basis to work under the guidance of 5 faculty members from AHEC, EED and MIED led by Dr Arun Kumar Head AHEC. This energy audit of the academic area, central facilities and bhawans was conducted in IIT Roorkee during May - July, 2009. This also gave opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the campus. Reduction of energy consumption while maintaining or improving human comfort, health and safety were of primary concern. Beyond simply identifying the energy consumption pattern, this audit sought to identify the most energy efficient appliances. Moreover, some daily practices relating common appliances have been provided which may help reducing the energy consumption.

The report accounts for the energy consumption patterns of the academic area, central facilities and bhawans based on actual survey and detailed analysis during the audit. The work encompasses the area wise consumption traced using suitable equipments. The report compiles a list of possible actions to conserve and efficiently access the available scarce resources and their saving potential was also identified. We look forward towards optimization that the authorities, students and staff would follow the recommendations in the best possible way.

The report is based on certain generalizations and approximations wherever necessary. The views expressed may not reflect the general opinion. They merely represent the opinion of the team guided by the interviews of consumers.


Report-Energy Audit of IITR

Presentation-Energy Audit of IITR