IAH-301 Small Hydro Power Development


Credits : 3

Contact Hours : 3 Lecture :3   Tutorial :0  Practical :0

General: Necessity and Importance of harnessing Small Hydro Power; National Policies, Laws and Clearances; Small Hydro Power scenario and type of schemes.

Civil: Site selection and investigations; Environmental aspect; Flow duration, Water power studies; Cost estimation, Economic and financial aspects.

Diversion structures & power channels; Desilting arrangements, Forebay tank and balancing reservoir, Penstock and power house building.

Mechanical: Type of turbines and their selection; Gates and Valves; Governing system (Mechanical & Electrical).

Load forecasting.

Electrical : Types of Generators - Synchronous and Induction; Protection & Controls, Power Evacuation System.

Suggested Books:

i.   Brown J. Guthrie, “Hydro-Electric Engineering Practice, Vol.1, 2 & 3” (2nd revised edition)
ii.  “Civil Engineering Guidelines for Hydroelectric projects, Vol. 4-Small Hydro”, ASCE.
iii.  Adam Harvey, “Micro Hydro Design Manual”, Intermediate Technology.
iv.  Fritz, “Small Hydro Mini Power Systems”, McGraw Hills.
vi.  Nigam, P.S., “Handbook of Hydroelectric Engineering”, (2nd Reprint), Nem Chand and Bros.
v.   Emil Mosonyi “Water Power Development”,(Vol. 1 & 2), Nem Chand and Bros.
vii. Boroujeni, Hussein Samadi (Editor), “Hydropower-Practice and Application”, In Tech, Chapters Publishers.